Medication Pt 2! by Crys

Holy shit guys....

I went in at around 11:30am today. (you'd think that they would have a shipment of medications come in the morning)

They didn't have it. Yet another "We'll order it today for you"

I got fed up. Called every walmart in town (there are 5). Out of stock at all of them. Asked the lady behind the desk to make sure that the computer is set to refill my prescription when the order gets in. She looks at me, not even near the computer, and says "It's in there."

Bull shit

I'm tired of their bullshit....

Called the college (med school Texas Tech) and they had it, but at around... $300. Whole lotta nope...

Go into United (a local grocer) they have it. only $52. Awesome. I'll take it. Was transferred and ready within an hour. So hooray, I finally have my medication. No more walmart for that med. I will only get the birth control there, since I can't beat $9 anywhere else. :| Stupid... mother... ugh.... Took far too long to get my medication. This is such bullshit guys... serious.

Medication Pt 2!


11 February 2014 at 13:43:47 MST

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    I am really glad that you finally got your medication, but from reading both of your journals, I think I would very upset if placed in the same situation.

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    I'm so glad you finally got it, I would put a complaint in with corporate. Was it the pharmacist telling you that they would order it, or just the person at the register?

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    300$ at one place? O_o
    i thought my 140$ was steep

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    dood that's REALLY messed up :c I'm glad you were able to get your meds though!!