Welp, Here Goes Nothing....MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC. by Drewfustehfox

I am going to start going through my FA gallery and uploading things here that I like and maybe even rerecording some that I don't. Lord knows I have been at this a while. Tons of songs, recorded on old shitty equipment, some just badly done, some I like and lots of songs I have written and don't even have sheet music for yet let alone a recording.


I will have a lot of fun fleshing out this profile though. I think it should be lots of fun! I cant wait to start uploading music again and recording. I badly miss feeling a connection with other musical artists and getting the inspiration and feedback that come with actually putting yourself out there. So here goes nothing.

I will try uploading at least one thing a week, I despise art dumps so I wont do that to you. For those of you already familiar with my work on FA or bandcamp or where ever, I apologize fro all of the old stuff you might see in you inbox, rest assured, new stuff is on the way too :)

Welp, Here Goes Nothing....MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC.


10 February 2014 at 21:49:38 MST

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