Bamboo and Intuos: Looking for advice. by Caerulus

So I think I might actually be getting serious about this art thing. I've been forcing myself to draw more and more, and I'm actually pretty happy with the progress I've been making!

That said, I have a few questions for anyone who has had experience with both Wacom's Bamboo and Intuos product line. (Or anyone with a friend who might be able to ask their opinion) And please understand I'm looking for people who have experience with the products rather than pure specs; numbers only mean so much after all.

One - Ignoring the specs, if you have tried both, do you think the Intuos actually FEELS any more accurate, fine-tuned, high quality, etc? I know it has more levels of pressure sensitivity, more lines per inch of accuracy, tilt, so on and so on... but what I want to know is if it actually feels like you've upgraded from, say, a crayon to a fin-tipped marker, or if at the end of the day it's all pretty negligible. Numbers tell me it should smooth out the experience, but does it really? (Please mention which models you're comparing if you can answer this one

Two - If you've used two tablets from different generations (e.g. an Intuos 4 vs an Intuos Pro), would you say there's been significant, minor, or no improvements in the feel of the pen's performance over different generations? I'd expect there to be some improvement, but I also wouldn't be shocked if not much has changed other than the build quality of the product.

Three - If you've used ANY wacom tablet: I've noticed on the tablet I have--the 2nd Generation Bamboo Fun--that when I bring the pen to the tablet, I can feel the tip of the pen come in contact with the tablet and depress a bit before it actually starts to count as pressing against the surface. It's not a feeling of "you're just not pressing hard enough", but rather a "loose" feeling; it doesn't feel like the tip is flush against the mechanism. As small of a thing as this may be, it honestly just annoys the hell out of me; it makes it very annoying to judge when I'm actually "touching" the surface, as the pen can physically touch--and I can feel it contacting as I'm drawing--but it doesn't actually count as "touching" without pressing down just a tiny bit more. All that said: is this just a thing with tablets, or is it only lower quality models? Or, perhaps, is mine just half broken?

Four - Finally, is the Intuos Large being FUCKING HUEG a good or bad thing, if you've ever used one?

I know it might be a bit overkill for me to consider an Intuos, but... I have the tablet I do mostly because I found it on ebay at a crazy low price. If Intuos tablets really are that much of a step above, I'd certainly go for it.

I just don't want drop a few hundred dollars on it only to find out it's no better.

Bamboo and Intuos: Looking for advice.


10 February 2014 at 12:27:10 MST

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    Well, from what I can tell recently Wacom has recently rebranded it's tablets lines a bit. Basically you have the Intuos and the Intuos Pro.
    And.... basically the "Intuos" is basically what we used to call the Bamboo whereas the "Intuos Pro" is what we used to call "Intuos" before the rebranding.

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      Thank you, though... that doesn't really answer any of the questions I asked... :(

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        Well it was mostly because you were talking about the bamboo versus the intuos lines. However, since the bamboo technically doesn't exist anymore and was basically renamed "intuos".... well, it can make one prone to confusion when purchasing a new tablet.
        Afaik, the intuos Pr (to not confused with the "new" intuos which now replaces the bamboo in all but name) has some higher pressure sensivity, hotkeys and in -some- software can detect the tilt and even orientation of the pen.

        That's the main difference I noted between my bamboo and Intuos 4 tablets. Namely on the Intuos the presence of customizable hotkeys on the tablet as well as the ability to detect tile and orientation of the pen.

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          Fair enough. Thank you for the advice! :3

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    That thing with the pen tips: that's actually a setting, they call it "tip feel" or something of the sort.

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      Oh, I misread. Hm, perhaps you just need a new pen tip?

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        I thought the same thing myself, but when I replaced the tip it had recently (the old one was very worn down), the problem persisted. I'm not sure if it's that model of pen, or that specific pen, but whatever it is, it's certainly the pen. I know it's not from repeated use either, since it's something I remember noticing right away when I first purchased the tablet, but just kinda wrote off as being a quirk of the technology.

        Ultimately I realized the questions I have aren't really answerable without just trying the damn thing myself, so after checking to be sure I could return it if it turns out to be a wasted purchase, I decided to pick up a medium Intuos Pro to give a trial run. The pen tip on the Intuos does NOT have that loose feeling, which is pretty awesome, and it's a lot easier to apply just the pressure I want with it. I'm still playing with it a bit to make sure I actually want to keep it, but it's no doubt better than my current tablet.

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    Excellent! How much does that cost, by the way? I've currently got a Bamboo Pen that I got used for $30, which I'm sure is a much better deal than anything I could find an intuos for.

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      How much does the medium Intuos Pro cost you mean?

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        Yeah. Though I realized I can just look that up. I can be stupid sometimes!

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          Haha, yeah. All I did was pick it up from Best Buy. :P