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GREETINGS! You're visiting the page of DemonSnake, or as some may know me, Sinyster Plague, Mike Vixen, or Michael Hemstreet. It's a pleasure to meet you all and I hope that your stop here leads you to enjoying my artwork and/or personality xD if you do then don't be afraid to hit that "follow" button, or even the "friend" one! I don't bite and love to communicate and stuff!

alright so a day into this whole Weasyl stuff and I must say I like the atmosphere! The layout is quite nice and uploading seems easier and more fluid, but starting over is a hard thing to do so I'm not expecting to be a huge hit right off the bat, even if most people here are transferring from FA or dA. Had to deal with it before when I went from dA to FA myself, so I know the feel. Also, to those following me, THANK YOU!!! I'd post more art than what I have because, trust me, there is SOOOOO much more elsewhere x3 But that's way too much for even me to take on. So just stick with me through it all please and enjoy my steady pace of uploading every couple of days :3 Pleasure to have you aboard now let's go for a ride!



10 February 2014 at 05:12:57 MST

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    Welcome :)
    I've been a member here a while and quite like the atmosphere too. There are a few tools you might be interested in to help manage your galleries and +watch list:

    • Ottermatic Follower Transfer tool - Takes a chunk of your FA watch list via copy/paste and checks for known Weasyl accounts. I've used this one, and it was quite helpful, if a little time consuming to use.
    • Weasyl Crossposter for Chrome - Assists in automation of posting a submission from other popular art sites to Weasyl (Extension for Chrome browser only). Haven't tried it as I don't use Chrome.
    • Offline Gallery Manager - Assists with managing your gallery offline and batch upload to popular art sites. Just noticed this one, think I'm going to give it a whirl.

    There are more projects, info and resources gathered in the Project Community! thread. Hope these tools will help you out!

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      thank you for the kind advice and the warm welcome!

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    Just wanted to stop by and say welcome!! :3
    I'm kinda new too, just joined last month
    Unfortunately I still need more time to get used to SAI and my tablet, but I'm getting there
    It's nice to see a new face around here though ^^