Anthrocon by WindWolf

Saw that Tsebresos already had a journal up on DA, so I'm just pretty much reiterating what she said (and I also figured I needed a new journal entry up). Yes I am going to Anthrocon with the Tes, Undead, and Noble. It's going to be pretty fun, I need to save up a lot for it though deep breaths. But it'll be fun, and it'll be a good debut of my soon-to-be-created new WindWolf suit as well as new suits for the entire Peace Peace Pack! XD Also, I figure this will excite some of you; Tes and I are going to collaborate on a suit again! I'm not telling you what it's gonna be yet, but I'll have you know that it'll be awesome (and this time we were smart and decided to not do one of a character we'll become attached to).

As well as Anthrocon we are also probably going to go to Rocky Mountain Fur Con this year and we're going to try to get a table for our collaborations. I hope I'll see some of you at either con!



8 February 2014 at 21:33:24 MST

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    Hehe sounds like a good time to me, hope you guys will have a blast!
    I'm quite curious to see what suit it'll be in your collab project =)

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      I'm pretty excited for it, both the cons and the suit! XXD

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    AAHHH!! Jealous. Have fun!! <3