PSA about genitals by Skittle

If a character does not have both a vagina and a penis, they are not a hermaphrodite. Stop labeling characters who would be considered transgender persons in the real world as hermaphrodites. Hell, a 'true hermaphrodite' is considered someone with both gonads and ovaries. So, most of the time what furries consider to be hermaphrodites aren't even really true hermaphrodites'. Not to mention that word is considered offensive. Intersex people, aka the people who used to be considered hermaphrodites, are real as well. Anyway, labeling images as hermaphrodites (when they aren't) is extremely problematic as it has extremely real world consequences on people who have these types of bodies in the real world. There are people who have bodies like this. They are not hermaphrodites. This continuation of this idea, even inside 'just the fandom', promotes the idea that trans women and other CAMAB trans* people are 'hermaphrodites' or some other form of intersex. It's damaging and harmful. While CAMAB trans* bodies are usually the ones portrayed as hermaphrodites (usually breasts and a penis), I see the occasional trans male and CAFAB trans* bodies labeled this way as well (aka cuntboys). Both of these are problematic for the same reasons.

So please, tag your art correctly. Stop actively harming people with your incorrect tags. Stop spreading misinformation. There are people out there with the body types that are being drawn. We are not some type of fantastical fetish idea. We are very real. Stop.

PSA about genitals


7 February 2014 at 21:04:22 MST

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    It also just bugs me on a etymological level; as you said, a hermaphrodite (in furry porn) is someone with a penis and a vulva both. Ergo, so-called 'shemales' and 'c*ntboys' (i hate both those terms but there isn't any other way to describe someone with those parts who's not intended to be transgender) are not hermaphrodites. Get it right!

    But, yeah, people who use those bodies as fetish objects rather than expressing of a transgender identity also bother me. i would never want to kinkbash, and if it's all fantasy-only... wobbles hand back and forth ehhh? But when you get into fetishizing real trans* bodies that's just gross.

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      Er, it's gross to be fetishistic of real people. Trans* people are not gross.

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    THANK YOU. Omg this drives me absolutely nuts. Yknow I've actually had people get offended at me being offended at this? And sooooo many people using the "well I know one person/some people who are okay with being called herm/tranny/cboy/dgirl/etc etc so therefore it's not offensive" and every time I just sort of stare at them in disbelief.

    Also, on the topic of cboys, let's assume for a moment that it WAS acceptable to constantly remind transgender guys that their junk doesn't match their identity, do we really have to use THAT euphemism for vagina? Like I'm pretty sure that term is offensive to transgender guys, transgender girls, AND non-trans women. Like....what the fuck?

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      I'd be careful with saying that trans guys junk doesn't match their identity. That toes the line of biological essentialism (aka penises are male, vaginas are female). I understand your sentiment, and I don't like the use of the misogynistic slur either, but yea, it's really shitty.

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        That's true, you're right.

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    <3 <3 <3 Preach it wolfbug

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    This bothers me immensely as well.
    Someone on FA a few weeks ago called me a cuntboy when I said I was FtM in a conversation over notes. I wanted to beat his fucking brains in because the stupid prick defended his use of the word as "not offensive" when I said it was really dehumanizing and just fucking rude to fetishize real people like that.

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      yes, that's one of the worst things too - when some asshole defends something, especially a term to call other people by, as "not offensive" when it's actively offending someone. frequently, if you point that out to them, they then retreat behind a wall of "well i didn't mean to be offensive, so it shouldn't matter to you - you should recognize my intentions". i always want to be like

      i'm sorry, you want me to recognize your intentions to not be offensive when you're consistently calling me/someone else what they don't want to be called by?

      why the hell should i have to feel you're "not trying to be offensive" when you actively refuse to even respect another person's will in this basic regard?

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    indeed - one of the most disappointing things for me is that so many people see intersex bodies as fantasy and transitioning as something so fantastically beyond their or beyond others' reach reach as to be impossible - and among transgender people, and i suspect especially among trans people who are not already "androgynous", in the sense that they feel it will be impossible for them to truly "fit in" among others, with their resultant changes - if they even understand that it is possible at all!

    for years i had no idea that "transgender" could apply to anyone other than people whose intent was to change their genitals, or that intersex people actually existed outside of fantasy. with regard to any other kind of change or different body types, i was only aware of true-hermaphrodite and female-at-birth "dickgirl" depictions in furry porn and hentai fantasy. i felt like i could never fit in, and nothing could be done about my body state unless i wanted to go "all the way".

    it marginalized transgender people, and intersex people: it still bothers me that almost all depictions of "hermaphrodites" on the internet have no bearing on what the variety of intersex peoples' genitals look like, or worse yet, people assert that such people or their genitals look disgusting.

    i'm glad to know today that intersex people are real and that it is possible to be a successful trans person whether or not i undergo SRS, but i would certainly appreciate if people would take the time to put some more research into the labels and identities they are applying to their characters - because, however removed from reality they may be, they are still depicting an aspect(s) of real people that makes a difference to how real people feel about themselves and about each other.

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      addendum: i'm also glad to know it's possible, even probable, to fit in among others as a trans person - and in my case, to "pass" - whether or not i start out as already androgynous.