Scenic Drawing? by Blauen

Hey people!

I would love to get some art of my two gigantic, continent-sized, deity like creatures: Uhr and Gaia.

They would have to be together, either with Gaia grabbing her mate, Uhr, by the throat tearing him away from the world's core or them having some time together[none sexual]. Gaia is slightly large than Uhr because of her wingspan.

I already have twistedteeth in mind for this and will commission a piece from them because they were the ones who drew those magnificent creatures in the first place. Though I would like to see what others would enjoy drawing these two, if it scenic I would prefer there be a background instead of just a miscellaneous white nothingness. Transparent might work but it would have to be thought out.

There is no guarantee I will commission someone immediately but I would like it if they would post examples of works with giant creatures or at least expressing that they would enjoy drawing them. In honesty, I would rather get someone who would enjoy drawing these two than someone simply looking for a filler for their slot. These two are part of a personal headworld, lore and overall setting so they mean quite a lot.

Scenic Drawing?


6 February 2014 at 22:35:29 MST

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