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so I already posted this on my main site, but I just thought i might as well post it here too (even though only 2 peeps are following me :P)

so i'm tossing out just about everyother comic idea I had (not the commissioned one)

and i'm going to center my attention on my one idea.

so far i'm thinking about going along with my story of Mori (found here >

but nor sure yet, I do know it'll contain humans and animals (feral/anthro, they look feral but can walk on hind legs (don't have to) and can talk to others and humans. will not have any fantasy animals in it [sorry] and can use their front paws to hold stuff and do stuff with.)

but I plan on making this a really long comic with multiple issues.

so the only real Main characters I have planned are Mori (Giant panda) and Jeff (brown bear) i'll be making a few more, but I'm also thinking about giving people the opportunity to make an appearance or even be a main character. not sure if I should do one of a few things.

(only 10-15 main characters will be in this comic)

(depending on the amount donated will determine how much you appear and how much of an effect you have in the comic series and also will determine how long your character remains in the series (as I said, this will be multiple issues and long)

1) donation: there will be various amounts

$1-5 will be to make a small appearence not many

$6-15 will be various appearences (bg characters, reapearing characters)

$16-25 main character, multiple appearences, helps decide storyline/plot changes/twists.

2) raffle: only spots for small various appearences, maybe one or two spots for the main character.

3) auction: have select spots for the small, reappearing, and main spots.

what do you all think would be the best option?

I know I will be doing a raffle here soon looking for a few specific species. so keep an eye out for the journal.

also one thing, i'll be working on this on my own time, one thing that will help me keep on track will be donations/tips towards the comic. this money will be saved up for future uses for relevent things. (i.e. get physical copies/issues made, plushies made (possibly multiples to be sold, etc)

and in regards to a question some people will have about me selling issues and plushies when it's someone else's character/sona

each person will get a decided amount of money from profits depending on their position in the comic (the main characters are the ones who plushies will be made of, they will only be made if it becomes popular.) like the owners of the main characters will get more than those who are small bg characters

but overall people with characters in the comic will get credit and will get money for letting me use their characters.)

on a side note~

also I'll be making my Mori fursuit~


and I'll also be doing a raffle right now, I need to name this comic series, but can't figure out a good name.

so for the best name (if I see one I like and will use) i'll give them a main character slot.

so post down below with....

a link to your journal pimping this one.

ref of your sona/character

and finally a name

plus the seceret word PANDA BISCUTS.

there are limitations to the characters.

they need to be feral (or can be made feral)

they need to be of a decent size compared to the actual animal (can be smaller or bigger by a bit)

they don't have to be super unique

no fantasy creatures (must be a real animal/real possible hybrid)

so far here is the storyline (or the start of it)

Mori is a Giant panda who was the child of two pandas Xao and Lu. he was born in the same zoo in japan as his parents but seperated from them 3 years later and taken to a zoo in North America to grow up. one year went by and the zoo closed down from losing too much money so while Mori was being transfered back to the zoo in japan, the truck was in a accident. Mori fell out of the truck and was knocked out cold. upon waking up he found himself on a grass mat looking up at a Brown bear who went by the name of Jeff. Jeff had a cabin built in a forest at the edge of town. when Mori finally asked Jeff how long he was out, Jeff told him that it's been almost 2 years.

This was a shock to Mori. 'what had changed since he was out' he had wondered to himself.

and as an even more shock when Jeff took him into town, the humans didn't seem to mind their pressence. (though of course there was still the occasional person who had to do a double take.)

this comic will follow Mori and all his friends and different events, nothing special.

but it will be more of the funny, romantic (will NOT contain any adult content, besides language), sad, happy, exciting, etc...

this is to help people understand what it is about.

Comic idea


2 November 2012 at 12:19:43 MDT

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    They all sound like pretty good ideas. Sorry I can't offer a good name I'm bad at those. Still sounds like a great idea and I can't wait to see where it goes :)