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Character Raffle Winners! by Leilia

Okay guys, it's time to announce the winners of the character sculpture raffle!

Gahh, it was nearly impossible to choose from so many gorgeous characters. I truly wish I had the time and ability to sculpt all of them. :( After a lot of deliberation, I ended up choosing three characters that I thought would work nicely with my sculpture style. The winners are:

miyuu's character Miyuu
kitteamutt's character Jupiter
kulfox's character Spirit

I've decided to keep the type of sculpture I will be doing for each character a secret for now. ;) It will probably take me several weeks to finish these sculptures, as I will be working on them in between my other commissions. If the winners could drop me an e-mail at lindseyhein[at] with your address for shipping the sculpture to, and any additional character references if you think it is needed.

Thanks so much everyone for entering. I just might have to do this again sometime! As for all of the other amazing entries, keep an eye out, I just might have a very little something for all of you on the way. ;)

Oh, one last reminder that my commissions will be opening up in about two hours! I will post here again when they are officially open! Commission info can be found here:

Character Raffle Winners!


4 February 2014 at 11:05:12 MST

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    Oh my goodness, I'm truly honoured ;w;! Thank you so much

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      You're welcome! :D There was just something about your character that I found very appealing, she will be fun to sculpt!

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    ahh thank you so much im honored!! I've admired your sculptures for a long time, its amazing to hear you like my character enough to want to sculpt her <3

    I'll send the email now~ may I ask whether you want anthro or feral references, or should i just send both?

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      Awww, yeah, your character is really cute! She will be a lot of fun. :) You can send both references if you like, though I'm learning towards feral with your character.

      I so glad you like my work! You follow my Tumblr, don't you? I'm pretty sure I see you on there. :)