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Reasons I Should Be Guest of Honor (GOH) at a Furry Con by Coyote-Solitarius

  1. I can draw anything: as long as it's a wolf.

  2. I won't be too upset if the Presidential Suite at the con hotel has been reserved for someone else, if that someone else is the US President.

  3. I can give lectures on how to make every single species of animal look like a wolf. Imagine the panel time we could take up learning the ins and outs of making even birds look like wolves.

  4. Because of my stark aversion to anything fun, I won't get drunk/high and do anything crazy to embarrass to con. However if no one is around, I might puke in some bushes for my own amusement.

  5. Being GOH requires the candidate to be honest and honorable, and nothing is more honest and honorable than a coyote.

  6. My diet consists largely of fruit smoothies and Mountain Dew, so I'm economic to feed.


  8. Despite surviving almost exclusively in darkness, I can be coaxed into a (dimly) lit room using hot men and/or Magic Cards.

  9. I have proven my dedication to the furry fandom by scarring people with posting my animal people art around the internet since 2000.

  10. Only you can prevent forest fires.

Feel free to nominate me at your local convention, you'd obviously be doing your fellow attendees a disservice if you didn't.

Reasons I Should Be Guest of Honor (GOH) at a Furry Con


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    You forgot to add you don't suck to that list

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      With a furry con, drawing attention to that fact might actually work against me.

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        Only for a small portion. The larger half would do it for you ;3 because that's how popufurs are born!

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    3 you must now draw a bird as a wolf. XD

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      ...why is all that in bold? I didn't intend on that. ><

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        Most likely due to Markdown formatting, you probably wrote # as the first character.


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          That exactly what I did.... I'll have to be careful about that. #^^/

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    Oh my gods I need one of these lectures. I CAN ONLY DRAW CATS! XD And I can't even draw them too good. TWT

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    In all honesty, if I were organizing a con I would so have you as Guest of Honor exactly for the reasons listed \o/

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    Oh my god I'm dead this is hilarious. I've totally draw birds as wolves, and pokemon ;^; ahahaha but I don't feel bad!

    On a related note I'd love to see you at a con again! :D

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    You can be my Guest of Honor...

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    What if we lured you out with hot men ON Magic cards?