Greetings by Anuacyl

I think I have a fair intro about what I do on my profile page. However not much about me, nor how to go about requesting a banner or avi/icon if one is desired. I hope to clear that up with this.

How to Request/trade/whatever: Let's get this up there first for those that are looking for this.

First, you should clarify if it's trade, request or other and what you want. (Ie: Trade/Banner or Request/Avi) You should also mention if you want it to be fully filled or transparent (like mine).
Next I'll need some content materials, mainly quote and general feel/theme you are looking for. If you have a render of the character in mind (a picture with transparent background), then that would be an awesome inclusion. If not then a picture with a very simple background to make rendering it easier. Additional details are optional, I tend to play around to see what looks good and will give a preview before finalizing if I'm unsure of it.

Now a bit about me. I miss making banners and avatars so when a friend pointed me in the direction of this site and I saw all the banners I gleefully jumped in. I'm a no-name currently, so I feel uncomfortable asking for commissions till I get a name for myself here. If you like to donate or feel like it then I wouldn't refuse you, but for now I'll give free requests or trade if able to.

I like to read, I like scary things (preferably paranormal not dull slasher films), I like cute and interesting things. I'm open to give anything a chance. I don't think I classify as any major group. I'm a bit shy here, but I try to force myself to reach out till I over-come it. Um.. any questions feel free to ask.



3 February 2014 at 12:53:48 MST

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