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So like Inkbunny is Down by R-Complex

Yeah can't get in to check the mail. Oh well, it's been slow out there in lala land. Been away busy with my sketchbooks and working on a sculpting project that's quickly coming together. I'm trying not to spread myself thin within this project because there is so many sub-components that will play into the whole. Other than that I'm doing fine and enjoying life.

The new job is less stressful and allows for more time to be off. I rather enjoy it and I'm making quite an impression on my bosses. I'm picking up despite being in pieces with the last year being over and some scary events marring the passage to the New Year. Overall, a few scares have passed quite well with little worry and the New Year is getting off to a great start.

Through it all I'm optimistic, so I can't hang my head on old events. I have to be brave enough to move on and get focused on the tasks ahead of me. So I'm working out the finer points of becoming a working artist and improving my workflow, so I can't rule out commissioned work in the near to immediate future. All I can say is that I'm getting better by leaps and bounds, I just have to pace myself to get there. The only part holding me up is the legal and paperwork side of business, I'm busy figuring that out before I wind up bumping my head on some problem down the road.

Also payment problems I'm figuring out too. Paypal is great, but I'm limited to what I can use it with. So being able to access what I'm paid has been the trouble as well, I'm working that out as well speak. I know there is a solution somewhere. As I said before, I can't rule out commissions soon just have to be patient and go through the right doors to get there.

That's all for now, I have some more errands to run before I head off to bed. I'm beat mostly, but I'll make it.

So like Inkbunny is Down


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    Keep on keepin' on, kitty cat.