Charity Commissions Wrap-Up! by EmilyThePenguin

that's it everyone! January, my personal Child's Play charity drive month is over!

I have one pending commission, but once that is processed and taken care of...

the money donated will exceed $90!!
if everything turns out alright, this last pending commission will push the donation to over $100!!

this wouldn't have been possible without the generosity of the furry community <3 We're good people deep down, haha!

When the last few commissions are finished, I will take a screenshot of the payment being sent to Child's Play as proof.

once again... thank you all for making January a great month for art and charity <3

Charity Commissions Wrap-Up!


2 February 2014 at 18:00:15 MST

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      I can say I'm pleased!

      and I'm happy that so many people contributed c:

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    D'oh! I hate that I missed out on this (friend just showed me her icon from this sale). Is there any possibility you're still taking orders for the $3 icons? If not, when do you plan to do this again? I'd love one! Especially for such a good cause.

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      well, I'm done with collection donations, I really need to get back to getting some money for myself if I plan on going to anthrocon :{

      I'd still be up to making one, though. the money just wouldn't be going to Child's Play.

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        I'd be perfectly fine with that, and would actually pay $5 since I missed the initial batch.