News post and maybe fighting game STREAM tomorrow by VinVulpis

Welp, the car window is fixed. Ryn's doing okay, just missing a couple nights of work and has the wrist wrapped in a brace. I have no idea what's gonna happen with my project yet with the total crash that happened with that.

Just a week of anus. Work's been a little bit of a pain too and my sleep pattern is fucked six ways from Sunday. BLEH FUCKING BLEH, I SAY.

Anyway, I'm just trying to recover and stay positive. I'm hoping to shoot out some scans of approval sketches to people soon for people who helps and commissioned me recently. Thanks again guys!


ALSO, I REALLY, REALLY like the way my "game art" style has turned out, and I'd actually like to maybe start offering that style for commissions as well. I just wanna do a ton of art in that style anyway, because it'd also be good practice for making my partly-animated storyboards for the project too.

It's a lot of fun and I love the way it turned out. So, if people are digging it, I'd like to offer that style for commissions too, though I haven't figured out pricing juuuuust yet, I'm thinking it'd be on par with the regular graphite prices I usually do, but no up-charge for color, obviously.



So, speaking of Sunday (tomorrow), A couple friends of mine (Bunni or "alphaomega" on FA and Joe "zeratul-luke") wanna come over tomorrow and do a stream of us playing some fighting games we like. We might just play one for now, but if people enjoy it we'd probably cycle through a different one every now and then on a Sunday... or possibly Mondays if and when I have them off.

It'd be mostly King of Fighters and Street Fighter games. If I had direct capture equipment, I'd totally wanna stream Smash Bros too.

But anyway. To wind down for an heinously anus week this has been, We're probably doing a nature walk and then a stream later at night/evening. I'll set up a twitch account for it I suppose and make another announcement about it tomorrow morning with more specifics.

Also, it's Ryn's birthday today. What a week for him. D:

News post and maybe fighting game STREAM tomorrow


1 February 2014 at 15:03:35 MST

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