The gate is opennnnn for ghosties and ghoulies by DogCookingEggs

So my friends decided to do this sort of Halloween noise show the other night,

It was a fuckin madhouse, some dude got hit in the face with a plastic lawn chair, and had this massive black eye, but nobody could tell because he was wearing zombie makeup // about 9 acts performed.

The basement space is pretty sizeable, my friends do a good job of keeping the place going and a sizeable number of kids showed up

I ran into this girl, and she offered me what I thought was a joint.

"huh this tastes funny ah?"

"oh it's an indian blend"

"hmm ok"

kept groovin on some trippy ass music, for a few minutes... the outline of everybody was becoming exceedingly apparent and the music was becoming something different altogether/

"hmm, i feel pretty fucked up, what's this stuff do...?"

"oh... it helps you sense spirits..."

light and darkness were playing with each other, things were getting super messed

my dreadlocked pal leans in and says, "yeah man that ain't weed"

he tells me it's actually klonopin, which I probably should have known cos she was tweeeeaking

(but still pretty hawt <_<)

shit fucked me up, I passed out on this couch in my friend's nearby room while the show was still going

Meanwhile, I have a vivid dream about being lost, under this shady viaduct downtown, where dinosaurs are roaming around. Actually I'm not sure if they were 'dinosaurs' or something else. They were like reptilian megaliths, that you would expect to find in raccoon city.

I walk around this area, until eventually I get crossed from all sides, with no escape

They were ripping my flesh apart, which i felt, and can still remember feeling

Then i had a dream that reminded me of this -

As for tonight, I got invited to this seance performance night thing, in some creepy ass attic.

The gate is opennnnn for ghosties and ghoulies


31 October 2012 at 16:45:14 MDT

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    Oh yeah and some asshole jacked my wallet

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      ouch man

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      punch that asshole in the asshole