tell me good things about your day by aschenblute

don't think just do it

me: i got a print grab bag from the company that printed for breaking bad and i am very excited oh my goooooooosh [heavy breathing]

tell me good things about your day


31 January 2014 at 17:22:24 MST

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    During lunch, I attended the induction meeting for the National Honors Society. I stayed afterwards and chose to be the secretary, even though I am a slow writer. In seventh period, I chose to be in filming of a silent film. While we were waiting on the cameramen, who had forgotten tape #10, I let someone take a picture of me. I guess it was for an assignment because, she said that she did not like using that camera.

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    My mom's surgery on her broken wrist went well this morning, had the chance to talk a bit with my guy, and now I'm enjoying some beer and getting some sketching done! =D

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    I got the other half of my art trade today, and I got Four Swords FOR FREEEEE so yeah it's been a pretty good day! (getting stuff is always great, sounds like you had a good day too).

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    Just got over having the flu, and might have some more upcoming freelance game work doing character designs. Hype.

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    I learned today that I'm going to help move wayward salamanders across the street safely!

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    I slept in til 3pm by mistake but it was a nice mistake. Got my rented photography equipment turned in ahead of time. Enjoyed an iced green tea latte and received jelly beans from a friend's friend in the school dining hall. Brought my overtired friend some cold soda and some pizza and gave her a gift, a murder of crows keychain from Bioshock Infinite. Hung out with her and other comic artist friends for a while. Got picked up by Partner so I didn't have to walk in the cold. Went with three friends to a local asian bakery and enjoyed some bbq pork buns and a strawberry milk tea. Bought some buns and a tea for a friend. Came back to friends' place and now getting ready to go to see Rocky Horror Picture show with them. We'll probably get Waffle House afterward.

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    My mom bought me Sabbaro on the way home today and then both my parents gave me their breadsticks cause they don't like them so I got 3! ^ ovo ^

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    Making plans to go to a movie with a good friend that I haven't seen in years. She just moved to town~