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The holidays are upon us, and I can't wait for the election and this semester to be over. Tomorrow I have a math quiz, and I will be studying for that tonight. I am going to have to take this quiz without Straterra. My short-term plans are clear, and in this journal I am going to lay out what some of my long-term plans are.

I will have my school lunches at fast food places or at home. It is cheaper and more nutritious than what I eat at school.

I am volunteering at the local thrift store and will continue to do so until next summer. I plan on getting a job at that time, and I will not be taking summer classes. I am not planning on going to AC2013 unless I can take that time off. I am not expecting that I will. If I am not able to get a job, I will continue to volunteer and I will not attend.

Law notwithstanding, I will not be able to drink until next fall. The reason for that is because I take Risperdahl in the evening. I use it off-label as a sleep aid. This is the only medication that I take that cannot be taken with alcohol and requires tapering. That is a process will take until next summer at the earliest, though just to be safe (and legal) I am going to wait until next fall (anywhere from 28 September to November) or later, depending on what my doctor recommends.

If I can taper off Straterra by my 21st birthday, then I want to do something fun to celebrate. I am not exactly sure what that will be. I have thought about bowling, the Power and Light District, the Country Club Plaza, having a party at a local park, or waiting until a convention. I want my first alcoholic beverage to be some kind of wine or sake.

The next con I plan to attend is either Midwest Furfest (2013), Oklacon, Megaplex, IndyFurCon, or Mephit Furmeet. They are prioritized in that order from most to least likely. The first two take place after my 21st, and the last three take place late summer of that year.

I am going to keep all of my investments where they are. Whatever will happen to them will happen, and I don't have that much to lose. I am not going to shift things around until I see modest gains. This month has been rough for pretty much everyone. I am hoping the holidays, as well as recent macroeconomic data, will recover what I lost. In 2013 my portfolio may have significant changes made to it.

That's about it. I will have more complete details after the election, in December and after I see my doctor in January, and even then, things could drastically change in that time. Stay tuned.

Planning Ahead


31 October 2012 at 15:28:06 MDT

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