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update on life by Chewbacca

I know I don't post as often on here as I do on my dA.

So for the watchers that don't know what's going on, here it is.

So the owner of Skin Candy tattoos in Racine wants to hire me as his apprentice.
The bad news is that I need to at least cough up a grand for licensing and supply coverage.
And I have my full time changed to part time (every other weekend), because I didn't know when the next opening would be. I know right? Smart move. And it took about 2 months for my full time to be changed over to part time, but I've talked to my manager to get my full time back, which I will, but that won't take effect til 3 weeks later.
When I do get it back I will also need to suck up to full time til June, then I'm done with that fucked up place.
In the mean time I'm taking these 3 weeks to my full advantage to catch up on my art work.
I already have 8 prints printed out for my portfolio. And will probably have a series of livestreams throughout these 3 weeks.

Hope you are all doing well. And Happy soon to be Chinese New Years.~

update on life


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    Oh goodluck! wow thats amazing! X//d if you do some really cool tattoos dont forget to share mang! with your kind of artwork I bet you'll do some kind of magic for sure!

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      oh yeah for sure I'll share.
      I'll be updating when I get my break through.