Commission Prices by A_Foxcoon_Named_moose

Please refer to the list below if you're interested in a commission


Adoptables: 10-15$ (depending on detail) (Front and Side view) - Treble the Steller's Jay Griffon - French-Toast the Bat (no side view for FT yet)

These examples are of my own fursonas, so they are NOT for sale. The adoptables I'll be creating will be using these poses though.

Chibi commissions: 5$ - Treble the Steller's Jay Griffon - Treble the Steller's Jay Griffon

MLP commissions: - Beat Lines (unicorn) and Maple Cakes (pegasus) - Desert Bloom (Burro I think? Belongs to BreadPuddi) - Feather-Lolli

Everything would be in full colour and lineart. here is my colour guide ==>

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE provide either a detailed written reference of the character or a reference picture I can go from. That would make my job a LOT easier and it would get you your commission done faster.

You must pay half up front for the characters sheets. You will be given a sketch preview of your commission and after that, it will not be published until I am finished and I have received the second half of my payment.

Please spread the word. If you're interested in commissioning me, please drop me a note or comment on my front page uvu.

If that's the case, just drop me a message here or on my main page and I'll get back to you! Thank you. uvu

Commission Prices


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