Guinea Pigs by AlexGoneLoco

I got my husband some Guinea Pigs, which he named Jack after Big Boss and Rick after the hamster from kirby.

We just got these guys situated in a much bigger cage and they are so adorable and happy! They keep doing little popcorns all over the place, and if you don't know what popcorning is think about when you let a horse out into a large area and they jusp around, throw their heads, and even kick with excitment. Now take that and shrink it to guinea pig size.

Also, they are really neat to watch. It fullfills my need to have a fish tank because like fish, Guinea pigs are always doing something. Whether they are running around, playing with their toys or each other, eating, etc, it's just all so fun to watch. They certainly are cute little rodents.

I made them a big stuffed comfy bed and a big tunnel to run it. They seem to love them both!

Guinea Pigs


29 January 2014 at 16:34:27 MST

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      That will be difficult considering that it sounds like both of their Guinea Pigs are male. :P

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        I was calling his Guinea Pigs babies lol. They're so damn cute omg I got to meet them the other day.

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          Haha, my mind went somewhere else, obviously. XD Though, I think it's probably difficult to breed Guinea Pigs as it is... they are so skittish! Also, if you pet them a certain way, they start squealing so loudly you'd swear they were about to explode or something.

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            Lol when I was a kid our science teacher had one who would make these weird alarm clock sound squeals when we'd come in class everyday, he loved people, they are some of the most amusing damn animals. His name was Wilbur (she also had a spider, Charlotte, a rat named Templeton). My other experience with the pigs wasn't happy, it involved a hoarder and where i work.

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    Oh my goodness MGS guinea pigs - our guinea pig is named Pliskin! They're awesome pets x3

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      oh goodness that is awesome! I'll have to tell Jordan, he'll love that!