ToS: Terms of Service by caninelove

Just for let you know <3


• Scat
• Diapers
• Watersports
• Cub
• Hyper
• Pregnant
• Inflation
• Vore
• Excesive Gore
• Animal genitalia -I don't feel very confortable with it, but horse's dicks are okay-
• My characters are generally off-limits for commissions with someone elses character, because they have their story and stuff. There are some exceptions too: Toboe and Honey .
• I usually will not draw fanart or fancharacters, but you can ask.


• Fantasy and sci/fi armour
• Fantasy or real weapons.
• Complicate clothings/patterns and special drawings.
• Complex tattoo
• Designing a new clothing.
• Cosplay costumes.
• Internal shot.
• Backgrounds in perspective.


• I always accept payment upfront and full before I start your commission.
• PayPal is my choice for payment, anything else is trouble to me due the place where I live.


• I accept changes in the sketch phase.
• I will NOT rework a finished image.


• I try to get most commissions done around a month, but as any human, I have a life outside internet. But don't worry, I always finish my commissions.
• Deadlines are not very welcome... can be... but with a lot of time to work.


• Feel free to provide me with as many visual references as you wish for your commission. The more information you give me the more accurate I can be with the image.
• I do not accept lengthy text descriptions.
• Feel free to suggest poses or include images from Google to help me understand.
• I can not read minds so make sure the info you give me is accurate to what you’d like.
• feel free to include character personality descriptions no longer than 3 sentences.


• I open via a journal, listing some rules and guidelines. Please read and follow them in order to get a slot. I then 'okay' your commission and give you my paypal address. Once payment is made you get your slot.
• There will be no waiting list.


• When I am finished I will send you a high res jpg file of the image you commissioned. I will not send you a print of the image. If you precise any other format let me know before start the commission.
• If a commission is canceled by either party I will refund the money paid minus the amount for what work has been finished.
• I reserve the right to post or not post the image as I wish, unless previously agreed not to. I also reserve the right to use the image any way I like including portfolios.
• I will not take penalty for not reading your mind.
• You are able to provide me an e-mail adress if you don´t feel comfortable with FA note system
• I reserve the right to decline any commission request without question.

This format was took from caltroplay and peritian because my english is shitty, hope you understand <3

ToS: Terms of Service


29 January 2014 at 10:36:55 MST

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    Look forward to commissioining you again~

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      - i'd love that!

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        You love Fautzin x3

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    Good ToS!!