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I've been getting commissions over the years with SOOPER SPECIFIC MARKINGS and DON'T FORGET THE (extremely intricate design)!! These are not the easiest things to draw, and it can be hard to get consistent art with a ton of details and colors. There have been times where I've had to apologize and say no, because the design will be difficult to interpret or draw correctly, or because I don't have enough colors to properly represent 50 shades of rainbow.

The best, most memorable designs? Simple, but well-composed.

So! I am thinking about taking commissions for redesigns/model sheets. I, too, was once guilty of so much sparkle. Like so: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/142738/

This would be:
-Adapting special snowflake patterns to be easier for artists to draw, and for the commissioner to get consistent work from.
-Removing or changing colors that distract from the design. Even with more exotic colors, making them harmonious or limiting the number of them to something easier to replicate and draw consistently.
-Building wardrobes and exploring body types that reflect uniqueness rather than relying on eyebleedy colors.
-Removing over-fur tattoos, possibly substituting with other methods of dying or body modification.

I realize that we do live in design fantasyland. But I feel like a lot of people dip their designs in rainbows and glowsticks because they're either mimicking another character that they like, or because they want to stand out. In a sea of multirainbowneon, we all glow the same.

Thoughts? Questions? If you'd like them to be public, post here! IF private, send to reddogcommissions@gmail.com

Unsparkling Sparklebeasts


29 January 2014 at 10:07:34 MST

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    This is a great idea and a wonderful service you're looking to provide. :D I tend to stick to natural colours with my characters as a personal preference, and even though a couple of then do have more complex patterning, I never expect the pattern to be recreated (every spot, splotch and dapple in the same spot).

    It is so nice to see a character's uniqueness come through in body shape (as you said), personality / body language and maybe some trademark accessory if needed for that extra little eye-catch. Accessory, singular. I can't imagine how hard it is to deal with a character design with 47 very specific piercings.

    Anyways, the redesign idea is great and I hope you find people to take advantage!

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      I agree. There are some characters that carry tattoo-esque markings off very well, but the rest of their design is very simple.

      I do hope people won't be offended by this... but I know that not everyone has a background in art, and it can be hard to compose something solid if you're just sort of pulling from other examples.


      As I said, there are some model sheets that I look at and go, "Welp. There is no way I can draw that in a way that will live up to your expectations, I'm sorry."

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        I think you stated this in a very positive and non-judgemental way. I know what I like when I see it but I rely a lot on artists through free reign or asking for design feedback and ideas for those very reasons you mention. I don't understand colour composition to the same extent as a professional artist, so I defer to the experts. ;)

        I do hope you get some really good interest for this, it could become a really fun dad and lead to some great before and after comparisons!

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          Fun *fad :P

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          I hope so! If people want to sparkle, sparkle on! But if they're getting a lot of artists politely declining, maybe I can help!

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    I would say it is a decline of text based character creation. Personality and backstory for "unique factor" took a back seat to the race to the most outrageous combination of species and/or colors. Art gallery sites kind of turned "the ref sheet" into the core of the character. Appearance becomes identity.

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    I personally find sparkle designs to be rather unskilled because they're so easy to create. It's much harder to create a recognizable design within the confines of reality.

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    This is a pretty awesome idea, and I complete agree with the goal it has in mind. I am, however, curious as to how much business it might actually get, as I know few are willing to accept their designs as "flawed" (Though that is largely a matter of personal taste) and step away from characters traits that they have invested themselves in, obnoxious and eyebleedy or not. All the same, I'm looking forward to seeing what come out from this commissions regardless!