Will be attending BLFC!! by Idess

I don't usually do last-minute trips or conventions, but after hearing SO much hype about it at FC, my boyfriend and I have decided to attend BLFC this coming March in Reno, NV!

I will have a Marketplace table where I will be selling custom sketches and sketch badges, prints, magnets, etc. I will NOT have my Original Sketches binder NOR will I be offering at-con digital badges; as a Marketplace table I will be setting my own hours and will have to pack up my stuff when I'm done so I'm going for minimalism ;P. I hope to open my table most days of the con to make up for the cost to attend; otherwise we are attending BLFC as a vacation and to have fun :)
I am also planning on getting an Art Show panel, where I will have the 2 Originals that didn't sell at FC (unless they sell online beforehand) and some prints and maybe a new original painting! We'll see ;)

I will most likely open for 3 Traditional Badge slots soon to fill empty spots from FC work, and I'll offer those for BLFC pickup or to ship. Keep an eye out for those opening in a few weeks!
I -may- open for a few (5?) pre-order badges for BLFC IF there's interest... let me know if you're attending BLFC and are interested in a badge from me :) I won't be taking them until March if I take them at all, but I'd like to know if there's interest in them! If there's no interest I probably won't be doing BLFC badge pre-orders, only because I am still knee-deep in FC work and those are priority for me right now!

I'm really excited to go! I know most of the FC crowd will be there but I hope to see some new faces as well!

Will be attending BLFC!!


28 January 2014 at 08:47:43 MST

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    More artists I know are going than I had thought! Hope you enjoy :)

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      Yea it's crazy how popular the con is/is getting! It helps when all my artist friends recommended it so much to me I just had to look into it X3

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    Awesome that you can go! Let us know if it's any good, we are thinking about going next year.

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      For sure! I've heard nothing but great things about it, I'm looking forward to it :D

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    Was, as always, wonderful to get to see you at FC- and I'll see you at BLFC :D It's an amazing con, hope you love it!

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      Likewise! Will you be in Dealers at BLFC as well?

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        Yeah, Sal signed us up for a table I believe :)