Mass Bowl recap (Moderate for language) by Arago

At the beginning I guess. ANYWAYS

Mr. Wunny picked me up on Friday from Wheaton, and we drove in THE WORST GODDAMN 5:00 TRAFFIC THE WORLD HAS SEEN IN A FUCKING MILLENIA, to pick up the squirrel. We were gonna get a Rob as well, but he was visiting family and Alan and I were done with the highway.

So all 3 of us hung out at Prov. Place Mall, and then brought Koda home and retired to Alan's house for the evening. We spent time eating his sister's amazing cooking, and then went to bed.

I woke up at 9:30am the next day and promptly did my morning buisness. Then we were on the road.

After listening to Eminem's latest CD on the car ride to the Cape, we arrived at the bowling alley where we registered and got badges. Then we hung out with all of the friends, and afterwards I did bowl a little, which was fun, and then we collected ourselves and headed to the hotel.

Domino's. Meh. But I ate it. After food came the going back to my room to call Keesa for our 6 MONTH ANNIVERSARY TOGETHER!!!!! I wish we could have done a little more than that, but cause of the meet that was the only option ;-; all of the missing her.

Had some great conversations with some lovely people and then came the awesome part: Alan let me use his full fursuit for the dancing rave. Dancing in that fursuit was one of the most incredible experiences of my life, and it felt so good to finally be in a fursuit.

After that, there were suddenly 9 furries in our room. Why did this happen? How did this happen? We don't know but we did not question. So big party, except it was just pretty much chilling and talking, winding down after the rave.

Then we ended up with two new roommates. Again, we don't know how it happened, or why, but Hyperfalcon and Raziel ended up sleeping over. So that happened.

Also, I saw a Jackass movie for the first time. It was fucked up. They must all be masochists to do that shit to each other.

Then morning came, and THANK YOU GOD FOR NOT LETTING ME GET HUNGOVER THIS TIME! I got together with some friends and went to iHop, stuffed french toast is amazing, and afterwards we got our stuff back and said our good byes.

Alan and I went to MacDonald's on the way home, and now I'm back at Wheaton and missing everyone already.

So, overall I had a blast. The event was incredible all around (although the pizza choice was meh) and I am now ready to pass out from having too much fun or because MacDonald's food is a menace to society. Either way, I'mma flop now.

Mass Bowl recap (Moderate for language)


26 January 2014 at 14:38:51 MST

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    Haha, glad you had fun!! :3c

    Wish I could have had a say in the pizza choice ^^; Domino's is not good pizza, and as a Papa Gino's manager, I probably could have gotten a big discount on Papa GIno's pizzas - at the least I have a 25% off employee coupon, and then I should be able to tap into the Bulk Pricing with such a big order, haha. Also there's a Papa Gino's like...right down the street from the bowling alley, on the way back to the hotel. xD;


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      Thanks! And make sure you mention that to Gale! XD

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    Will do! X3