Hurray for 1000 watchers! by Airless

Bringing the Speical over to Weasyl! Everyone gets discounts!!

In honour of getting my 1,000th watcher on FA, I will be holding a Special Sale!
And since I've recently completed my National Dex on Pokemon Y, it will involve Pokemon!

Here are the deets!

Instant Commission Pokemon Special:


2 Hours for $50 if one of the characters is a Pokemon.


1 Hour for $25 if you want a Pokemon drawn.

I will be holding this special until February 9th, 2014!
Here's the link to sign up!

If you don't know what you'd like to get drawn, here are some things that I'd like to do!

-Pokemon Soft Vore (poke x poke, or poke x furry)
-Pokemon with their trainer
-Hugging your Pokemon <3
-Epic Battle Posing! (ie. Trainer ______ wants to battle!)
-Shiny Pokemon

-Quadruped Pokemon topping females (pokemon, furries or other)
-Solo Female Pokemon
-Size Difference
-Adult Soft Vore
-Shiny Pokemon with normal Pokemon
-Quadruped Pokemon topping their trainer (pref. female)

Some Pokemon are more detailed/complex than others and may require more time to complete. (for an extra fee)
These Pokemon are listed here:[/i]

-Content can be any rating level from General to Adult!
-Be sure to read my Terms of Service to find out what themes I will and will not draw.
*Your commission MUST include a Pokemon to receive the discount, or it will be regular price of $30/hour.
-Attending a stream is NOT necessary to get a commission! I draw for everyone, regardless of how good their internet is!
-If your character is complex (ie. wings, extra limbs, excessive markings, clothes etc) it will take longer to draw, and may require more Time Slots.
-And most importantly, HAVE FUN! =D

Hurray for 1000 watchers!


26 January 2014 at 13:21:11 MST

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