Okay but the BEST thing about Weasyl so far by ayvee

is how easy it is to navigate on my phone, jesus.

Okay but the BEST thing about Weasyl so far


26 January 2014 at 10:02:30 MST

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    I do keep hearing the mobile support for the site is rather fantastic even if I don't have any devices to test it on myself ^^;

    This said I'd often heard that they'd wanted the site to be mobile compatible very early which makes me wonder if the more standardized sizes of thumbnails might not be related to that in the end(since, easier to modify the layout when everything is a very standardized shape).

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      I have heard that they plan to phase out the way that thumbnails currently work. Personally I would be cool with it if it was something like, hovering over a thumbnail shows the whole image or something.

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        Actually, that could be a possible system I could see popping up in the future :)

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          It would be nice.

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    I like that we can favorite journals. XD

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      This is also very nice.

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    I like the fact that it's so easy to see action buttons like 'favorite', 'follow', etc. I have a hard time when buttons like that are small or cluttered together.