Tell Me About Yourself! by FenFen

I definitely appreciate all the new follows and favorites and kindness from Weasyl! Having a chance to find new art and new artists to patron in the future has been such a positive in this whole experience! It's also been great to see artists' older works being posted and falling in love with their style all over again!. ヽ(;▽;)ノ

I'd like to get to know some of you! Some are followers from my FA, some from LJ, and some of you guys stumbled upon lil' ol' me! 。◕‿◕。 No pressure to answer, though! I'll still love y'all all the same! <3

  1. What's your fursona?
  2. How long have you been a furry/have an interest in anthropomorphic art?
  3. What's your favorite food?
  4. Favorite drink?
  5. Hobbies/Interests?
  6. Anything else?

Tell Me About Yourself!


25 January 2014 at 21:34:55 MST

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    1. He's a bat. Sort of a mutt, but mostly of the vampire variety. And he plays that to the hilt.
    2. I have been involved in the fandom since at least 2001 or so, but my interest in anthropomorphic critters goes all the way back to at least Sonic the Hedgehog and Tiny Toon Adventures. >.>
    3. Anything Mexican. Or pizza/pasta-y.
    4. BLOODS. Or I don't know, cola type stuff? Soda is so bad for you though. ._.
    5. Being addicted to the internet, haha. When I CAN drag myself away I like to read, I am positively obsessed with classic horror movies/literature, I have interests in both writing and drawing, I love to travel when I can afford to, and I enjoy going to theme parks.
    6. I don't know! That's a pretty big question, actually! What else would you want to know?
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      Any bad habits or vices? What's your favorite kind of pizza? :D

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        Oh gads SO many bad habits and vices! Procrastination and internet addiction being among the bigger ones. As for favorite kind of pizza, anything with pepperoni and LOTS of sauce is aces in my book!

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    It's been fun uploading old art and seeing that people actually remember it, and just as fun when they don't and get new comments on older stuff ^^

    What's your fursona? le' Vera
    How long have you been a furry/have an interest in anthropomorphic art? 1999 :x so old
    What's your favorite food? Love curry, various spicy stuff, exotic stuff from Indian to Vietnamese <3 Love seafood.
    Favorite drink? spicy chai and water
    Hobbies/Interests? So many x.x collecting girly 80's toys, kaiju figures (Ultraman & Power Rangers villains are some of my faves, and other monster-y art toys), studying/keeping reptiles & invertebrates, Trash Pack, gardening, swimming, video games, knitting, so much more ugh lol
    Anything else? Your art is super cute, keep it up! <3

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      You were one of the first furry artists I followed when I came into the fandom around a decade ago! You also got me interested in roaches and helped me get over my fear of them and I thank-you so much for that! ; w; <3

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    1: Tohri Arons, and sometimes Kerithe Hhanra, though she gets trotted out very infrequently lately.
    2: First got into DnD style stuff, then, then VCL, then... Yeah, kind of a degrading orbit there, started around 2001.
    3: General's chicken, California style burritos and stuffed potatoes are my top 3.
    4: Mountain dew and mountain dew derivatives, Gold/spiced Rum (No Morgan) or craft beers, specifically IPAs.
    5: Anything and everything 2 stroke, mopeds, bicycles, vidjya gaming, motorcycles, mechanical design, welding/CNC/woodworking/etc, cooking/grilling, Pc repair/performance, swimming, kayaking, paintball (Less lately), Deviant sexuality, Tumblr, etc. Want to get back into agriculture and have a shop set up for welding/machine tools/metal casting.
    6: I get seasonal Affective Disorder Real bad, so my winter months are spent in a semi-hibernation. I need to get out of this latitude.

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    1) Rottweiler. :3 I meandered through other less remarkable fursonas before settling on this in 2001.

    2) I was interested in furry when you were still in diapers. :P Well, close enough. I got my start in 1995, when I was 15 and the Internet was brand new,

    3) I am a definitive carnie, and I especially love pizza. I stock up on Lean Cuisine pizzas on a regular basis.

    4) Sprite Zero, though I'm trying to finally cut down on soda. I haven't drank sugary soda in over a decade, and stopped regularly drinking colas last year.

    5) Soccer, cycling, trivia, and Dance Dance Revolution. :3

    6) I just went down an underwear size, from XL to Large. I'm more proud of that than being down eight pant sizes or two shirt sizes. ;3

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    A pleasure:

    What's your fursona? I'm a big fluffy black dragon. I often get mistaken as a goat monster because of my nose and well, ears.

    How long have you been a furry/have an interest in anthropomorphic art? I'm older than most. I'd say I got big into the scene back in...oh geeze 1992? I was still in high school then.

    What's your favorite food? Sushi, and Japanese dishes in general. Lived there for a while and developed a taste.

    Favorite drink? Root Beer, and milky smooth saki if I'm going for a kick.

    Hobbies/Interests? Such a roleplaying/D&D nerd it hurts.

    Anything else? I'm fluffy and love to chat.

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      I've just started exploring sushi aside from the typical "Americanized" rolls like California Rolls and it's been such a great (and tasty!) experience! I'd love to go to Japan somebody and experience some authentic dishes I've been reading/watching about online like sukiyaki, taiyaki, and the like! :>

      And your fursona is totally adorable! I love dragons of the fluffy kind ;n; <3

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        A great pleasure...and thank you.