I'm 80% Sure I Still Exist by axel

Glad to see that there is a lot more activity going on here, but at the same time justifying my existence here as an artist has been a bit hard as of late.

Even when I'm not busy, my productivity has been less-than-stellar, and much of the work I produce is of the mundane sketch/studies or human work that doesn't garner much interest so it's not worth posting.

Maybe a fire will be lit under me and more work will be forthcoming. Hope springs eternal and all that.

I'm 80% Sure I Still Exist


25 January 2014 at 00:28:17 MST

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    Well I'm sure everyone would be fine looking at these "mundane sketches" and the like anyway man. Something doesn't need to be a masterpiece for us to appreciate it, I assure you.

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    hey, even sketches are worth posting!! not everything has to be finished work, that's what a scraps folder is for! :>

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    I'd encourage sketch-posts if you are comfortable with showing them! You could post in a separate folder and disable notifications.

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    I agree with Teacat! One of the great advantages of this site is being able to choose what notifies followers or not. I know you draw a lot more than you let on--from your internet presence, I'd guess you draw once a month. I'd like to see more!

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    Your face sketches are great!