Feral Art? Need Customer/Potential Customer Opinions by CurlyTailKita

So recently, I've been extremely burned out on anthros.. so I'm debating a very different change

Only feral art. I know it seems very weird in the furry fandom, but it seems that there is still a demand for feral art, so I have a few questions for my fellow watchers!

  1. What do you think of feral art?

  2. Would you still be a customer/potential customer if I were to do mostly feral art?

  3. Should I still offer anthro? If so, should I only offer a few slots at a time (for example, 5 outta 20 slots are reserved for anthro) or have them at an increased price?

The more responses I get, the better! So participation is really appreciated!

Feral Art? Need Customer/Potential Customer Opinions


24 January 2014 at 16:22:31 MST

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    I think doing feral art is a great idea! That also seems reasonable for the anthro art as well. I know I wouldn't mind getting more feral art myself lol

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    Well seeing as I started out as a mostly feral artist with a feral sona, I don't see an issue here. i only started drawing anthros because furries started asking for them.

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    I do both, if i'm having a bad art day I will usually try feral since its somewhat easier for me, always nice to have the option of either one

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    1. It's equal with anthro and any other art for me
    2. Yes
    3. Yes
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    I'm a feral artist, so I'm always all for it! :3 tho my reason being I haven't gotten the hang of anthro XD but I've been drawing feral art all my life and I think you should do what you're comfortable with! Draw whatever you want! I'd say continue to draw anthros as well if that's what you want to do and I know some artist charge more of anthro than feral, so maybe do that? :3 having the option of either one is great, I think, and I wish I had that choice XD and I'm rambling now fff. anywayyy, I say go for it! Draw those ferals! :D

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      I've been drawing feral my whole life too, and in all honesty, it's way more fun than anthro!

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        it is! I love the fact i can draw ferals. I do wish I could do anthros as well, but I suppose that's something I'll learn in time XD anyway, totally support you going more feral and I'd definitely commission you when give the chance! :3

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    Feral is great :3

    I really think you should offer what you feel like doing. I'd certainly still be willing to commission you for feral stuff! Your canines are just lovely and definitely worth (obviously since I'm on your queue for a feral comic at the moment).

    If you're burned out on anthros but still want to offer them, I do think an increased price would be perfectly fine or offering up only a few slots at a time. That said, there's no getting around the fact that it will limit your potential customers somewhat. But given that art is a creative pursuit, if you're just not feeling it right now, then you should offer what you feel like doing and let your potential customers decide if they want to buy. Lots of artists do it that way and still get plenty of interest!

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      I love your response so much <3 I've decided a few minutes ago that feral will be the way to go actually! It's much more fun! And weasyl is kind of a fresh start. I can post more feral, and get more noticed for it. Back in FA I posted mostly anthro so that's what people wanted. That same theory should work with feral :3

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    i love feral art, infact i prefer feral art over anthro art, so if you switched to doing feral art, you should expect a lot more attention from me and probably commissions lol

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    also my suggestion to drawing anthro art, is if you dont want to draw it anymore then dont, and just stick with feral. or another option could be to simply charge more for anthro, so it gives people the ability to still commission anthro from you, while discouraging them to get anthro and to get feral instead because its cheaper

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      Well, I decided to stick with feral art and only take 5 anthro commissions a month as well as make then $10-$15 more expensive because I'm extremely burned out ;-; But I'm already having soooo much fun drawing feral X3 Even made a cat-sona!

      And from your previous comment, yay! :3c

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    I think there need to be more feral art! I am always searching for artists that draw pretty ferals but there are not too many of them I think. So yu should definitely draw some ferals :D