Oh my gosh you guys by stokerbramwell

I just found out (thanks to my friend kingcrowned) that you can customize which parts of your followers' stuff that you actually follow.

Here, let me quote kingcrowned's explanation:

You can individually customize notifications for each person you follow
If you go and look under "Settings > Users You Follow", you see under each username you can edit settings from each user. You can control if you see Submissions, Collections, Characters, Stream, and Journals notifications from each person you follow. You can also straight up edit your Default Follow User Settings (Settings > Site Preferences) so it applies to everyone you follow.

Just like on deviantART! :O Do you even KNOW how long I've been wanting FA to implement a feature like this??

And that's just ONE cool thing you can do on Weasyl! You should read the full journal for the rest.


Party on, guys!

Oh my gosh you guys


24 January 2014 at 16:22:10 MST

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    weasyl: doing a whole bunch of stuff that its actually kind of embarassing FA doesn't in the year of our lord 2014

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      This comment made me giggle. ;w; Thank you!

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    This is exciting. I've found that upstart galleries tend to give artists tons of nifty tools but nothing for the watchers. This is pretty nifty.

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      Yeah, I think more people ought to be emphasizing the advantages Weasyl gives for its non-artist/watcher users too. I don't think enough has been pointed out about that.

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    I really like the folder features here, so I can actually attempt to be organized and keep all like-things in each of their individual folders =D


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        It is! =D Cuz then I can have all my conbadges in one area, all my crochet stuff in another...so if people just want to see a collection of a certain thing, I can just direct them to that folder, instead of telling them "It's scattered all throughout my gallery, happy searching!" XD

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    You haven't delved into folders -settings- or search tags filtering yet haven't you either? ;)

    There are many many many many reasons I just love Weasyl :3

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      I have barely scratched the SURFACE of what you can do with this site, it would seem!

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        let's just say that when it comes to having folder on this site, you can do much more than just creating or removing them.

        Like making "featured" folder, or "scraps folders" equivalent as well by editing folders to not produces notifications when art is uploaded inside them, for examples :)

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          Oh yes, I have already discovered how to make a featured folder! Scraps is something I haven't quite had call to make use of yet, but eventually!

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    I....actually didn't know you could do that. And I've been here since 2012. I feel smart, although I do believe that is one of the more recent features. Still! Good to know.

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      It's apparently not really publicly known. Kinda buried in there. Still! Pretty dang nice.