Hello ~ Little Facts about Dani by TheDaytimeHeroes

Hello folks! Welcome to all the new followers, hello again to all those who are from different sites. You guys are awesome. :)

Time to jump on the get-to-know-the-artist boat! I love learning about some of my favorite artists, so thought that people may like to know some stuff about moi.

Name: Dani
Age : 21
Eyes/hair : Trash-can (according to my sister who shares the same colour, hazel to others) / naturally brown but it's been red for years, and decently long
Single/taken/other : Very taken
Homeland : frozen freaking prairies of Canada (ugh!)
Some favorite critters : tigers, bison, elephants, otters, kitties <3
Current employment : full-time university student (takes up more time than a job!), TA for Human Anatomy & Physiology, freelance artist
Favorite band/ music : TOOL / hard rock and metal

I love traveling, comedy and disaster movies, apocalyptic books, green tea, sushi, cozy scarves, sexy shoes/boots, kittens, TEDTalks, monsters, wild concerts, late summer nights, moths, cuddles, naps, lipstick, video games.


Hello ~ Little Facts about Dani


24 January 2014 at 09:53:22 MST

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    Can you send some of your Canada snow here? I wanna take photos in snow and I can't. D:

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      Take it all, please!! We've got so much snow that it makes driving very dangerous sometimes. We had a full scale blizzard last night, and the snow is piled so high up on the boulevards (like 6 feet+ In some areas) that you need to already be halfway through an intersection to be able to see the oncoming traffic!

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        Nuu I only want some! Just for like a day or two for it to be pretty then you can have it back! XD

        Woah, that's crazy! I've never seen snow like that. I mean, we've had it bad sometimes, dangerous slippery roads and such, but nothing on the scale of what you guys get. Dunno how you all cope!

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    Moths <3

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      Love them <3

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        Me too! I think my favorites are Cecropia moths :D so fluffy~

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          I love Cecropias! I made a sculpture based off them, they're so pretty!

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    Couldn't have said it better myself, full time university students in what I am guessing is a science major (Former A&P ATA here!) take up more hours than the 40 hour work week, just add an actual job to that and people wonder why you disappear for weeks at a time.

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      Its so hard to find time for everything! Like what is that thing called sleep that everyone raves about? What is sleep? xP

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    KITTENS!!! Omg Canada OHHH CANADAAAA. I feel like I'm living in Canada right now with all the delicious snow and cold. Also HELLO FRIEND! <3333

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      Srsly sick of winter. Our winters are so bad ;c

      But KITTENS OH YES <3