A Final Attempt to Clarify Drama by GuNMouTH

Friends... I'm going to try to be as neutral as I can be here.

It would appear that recent issues have torn some of us asunder.

If you would care to read any further (many won't, and will settle for their own assumptions, making complete fools of themselves as they comment below), I might be able to clear some things up...

...But before doing so, please understand ONE thing. This is NOT an attempt to criminalize any one person. On the contrary, this is an attempt to bring clarity to BOTH angry sides in order to deminish the level of anger and prejudice that has resulted from the discussions of current dramatical issues.

ALSO, please keep in mind that, like EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU (the only ones who know for SURE are the two involved), I am writing this letter utilizing the limited information that had been made known to me.

What we have here is a situation that is, in many peoples' minds, unresolved. We have the words of an intentionally private, yet LEAKED note of one party vs. the written summarization of the other party. Either could be true, and EITHER could be a lie, half the truth, the bending of the truth, etc. THUS, we have a 50/50 POSSIBILITY of a PROBLEM.


Sad, but true, the only other way to know for SURE, and without doubt of fabrication of what happened, would be to have video or vocal recordings of what happened-- something we shall NEVER obtain.

For most, this is reason to dismiss the entire issue, because if there's no evidence then there is no problem. BUT HERE'S THE KICKER-- there IS still 50% possibility of a problem! And to MANY, if the problem DID happen, then it a HUUUUUGE issue.

Allow me to explain perspectives of both sides....

SIDE A opinions:

1.) If the accused is innocent, the accused will be subject to ridicule from hundreds-- if not thousands-- of people for a crime he did not commit. This is a nightmare that could happen to ANYONE. Nobody likes the possibility that a party, simply seeking revenge for a broken heart, could achieve the destruction of another's social stature by playing a victim.

2.) There is no OFFICIAL court evidence. Why take sides when the law itself has not taken one? Nobody wants to be part of an angry mob shrouded by ignorance.

3.) This could be net drama that has gone out of hand. We've all seen how angry outbursts thrive on the internet. Sometimes they are legit, but other times it's just social justice warriors making mountains out of mole hills.

4.) A criminal will get away with it. A person will be wrongly accused of taking advantage of someone, and the accuser will be free to wrongfully villify someone else.
SIDE B opinions:

1.) If the accused is guilty, then the other party member is a victim of manipulation. They victim was coerced into a sexual act that they were initially unwilling to partake in. If this is the case, it is simply disgusting.

2.) There is no OFFICIAL court evidence -- and there NEVER will be. Even though the victim was coerced, that is still counted as "willing" in a court of law -- this still DOES NOT make it right.

3.) There are apparently SEVERAL other women who claim to have been treated THE SAME WAY by the accused, but they FEAR coming forward, because they DO NOT want the negative attention. Many women claim to have suffered from or witnessed similar behavior from the accused, claiming his disregard for "I have a boyfriend" and "No", but they are too afraid to come forward, for fear of public ridicule. To them, doing so would be like dawning the scarlett letter.

4.) A criminal will get away with it. A person will have been violated, and the accused will be free to possibly take advantage of other women.

There is also a third side, who feel that there is MORE than just a sexual immorality issue....

SIDE C opinions:

1.) The accused is a huge jerk. Many feel that the accused has been extremely rude to those who have spoken to him IRL and online. Reports of rude comments, unnecessarily demeaning ridicule of character, public fan-snubbing, and more have surfaced around the accused's behavior, making him a narcissistic, sociopathic jerk in their eyes, unfit for the job to which he has been assigned.

2.) The accused is not really qualified for the job. Many feel the accused is unprofessional, and not as knowledgeable about the coding of the site, and are upset that the original team has left after having enough of the accused's attitude.

3.) Outside of the issue of the accused, there have been OTHER major problems with the site, which leaves few reasons to stay. The site has gone down numerous times, sometimes for weeks/months. There have been claims that there has been harbouring of a convicted animal abuser. There have been many promises unfulfilled. Many feel there have been several instances of abuse of power with post deletions, favoritism, and unwarranted user bannings.

************WARNING!!! INCOMING PERSONAL OPINIONS!!*************

Here is the kicker...



If you give someone shit for EITHER choice.... you are an asshole.

People who want to STAY have the RIGHT to not give a shit about what happened, whether they believe it happened or not. It is NOT their duty to take action, and any attempts to villainize them basically makes YOU a FUCKING DOUCHEBAG who is trying to FORCE someone to believe as you do. Just because you have certain standards DOES NOT mean that everyone else HAS to live up to them.

People who want to GO have the RIGHT to go, because they see legitimate proof of the steady decline of this community. To call them "foolish," dewatch their galleries, and retract your support of their work makes YOU a FUCKING DOUCHEBAG who is inconsiderate of another person's opinions/choices (which, mind you, are at least 50% correct -- possibly MORE if lumped with the beliefs of SIDE C), unworthy of being an artist's fan in the first place. If you enjoy an artist's work, PROVE it and support them no matter WHERE they go, unless they offend you PERSONALLY.

I am hoping that I have brought perspective to both sides of this argument. My one request is that, regarless of what decisions are made, everyone PLEASE be respectful of the decisions others are making. Anything beyond that, and you are simply CREATING and SPREADING unnecessary negativity.

"But GuNMouTH, what is YOUR opinion on the current DRAMA ISSUE?"

I can only tell you my own experiences with this guy that everyone's had a problem with (the accused)... First of all, he has snubbed me every time I have seen him in person. He would approach my former fiance and I, I would say "Hey man, what's up?", and he would give me this "Ew" look and turn away to talk to my former fiance. Despite how lousy that made me feel each time, I am understanding of the fact that simple-minded creatures cannot fathom my incomprehensible beauty~ fart sound.

I was, however, a little less accepting of the creepy questions he would ask my former fiance over AIM. And while I do not know EVERYTHING they talked about, I cannot help but wonder what else may have been discussed.

My personal experiences, coupled with what I have heard from other women who have spoken with him, have left me to make my own... personal... silent conclusions...

Good luck to ALL of you in making your own.

Never Stop Rockin'

A Final Attempt to Clarify Drama


24 January 2014 at 04:00:47 MST

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    Needs more massive rushes to judgment.

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    Very well put sir

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    Probably one of the better clarifications I've seen done.

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    This is good. Very good. Objective, clear... I do believe it is the best response to this whole affair yet. Well, in my eyes at least.

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    Jeezus Matt, shut up and let's play some Day Z.

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    I think this sums it up pretty damn well.

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    PSH i thought you and bonk were both handsome when i sat by you at MFM XD though i didnt get to talk to you as much v.v

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    Totally agree. So many people get nasty rumors spread about them that may or may not be true. And in this case that counts, in this case, both the accused AND the accuser. Too many people slandering the accuser just because they don't believe the guy is 100% a criminal. News flash, guys: he can STILL be a total jerk. But unless you have facts or personal experience to back it up, there's no point in assuming.

    Reminds me of a totally gentleman who shall not be named; in spite of all the rumors of bullshit behavior going on around him, I never would have believed it had I not only seen it myself, but been on the receiving end of it. I'd never call him a rapist, but he sure as hell ain't on my christmas card list. Sounds like the Star of the current Drama is in the same camp for you.

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    I find that story at the end says it all, really. Even assuming he's innocent, giving him the total side-A benefit of the doubt... he's still done enough creepy shit in public and been involved in enough stories like yours that he really has no business being in a position of power over of people.

    So put me down for Side-C with a jumbo side order of B.

    Other people can make their own decisions. Right now, I can thankfully say that I'm here and it will, hopefully, no longer be something and someone I have to think about for any much longer.

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    Huh. People are still talking about that?

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      A lot of things, left unresolved, often come back atcha.

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        I suppose. But honestly, this is years old 'news' and debate. I'm honestly shocked that arguments about it let alone major rifts are happening in fandom because of it - just because the suspect person has become a major player on a certain website... Frankly, I would have reasoned logically that MOST of the exodus to Weasyl was due to FA's instability and admin antics; it's just sad and bizarre (to me) to hear that it's actually due to this stuff instead.

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          I'm gonna just cut and paste what I said to another friend on FA...

          Here's somethig that puts things into perspective...

          Creepy Uncle Tom

          Creepy Uncle Tom is a seemingly decent fellow. He has never been convicted for any crime, but some peoples' kids-- let's say, in this case, one of those kids was your daughter -- have reported that they have seen him peep on them while they change, or watch/filmed them as they went swimming, and he goes out of his way to hug kids for an uncomfortably long period of time.

          Also, little Suzie claims Creepy Uncle Tom was touching her in a funny way. But Suzie has always been known for her overactive imagination, with talks of faeries and other imaginary friends... so she's probably just confused. Besides, Bill's worked with Tom for twelve years, and there's NEVER been that sort of behavior at the office. Oh, silly Suzie~ She's just trying to get attention from her parents~

          Today, Creepy Uncle Tom wants to do voluntary work for the local day care...


          Would you still send your child to that day care?

          In this case, many people are taking their kids OUT of said day care, because they simply do not want THEIR kids to be the first of something bad.

          The PROBLEM is that this creates an uproar amongst parents. Some parents are telling others that they are "stupid for staying", and others are telling others they are "stupid for going." This then becomes a problem where one party fears FOR the other party's kids, and the other party is telling them to mind their own kids' business. Both parties have equal rights, despite the possible, looming issues...

          The day care owner has no personal qualms against Tom. To her, Tom's been a huge help, lifting all the heavy equipment, driving the kids around on the mini bus they have, cleaning so she does not have to strain her back. She's never witnessed him behave awkwardly. All she's heard were the frantic claims of a bunch of angsty parents who've been threatening to take their children to the day care that's 15 minutes further away -- and with gas prices as high as they are, she knows they'll come crawling back eventually.

          While this is a slightly more frightening comparison, the similarities between both situations are virtually the same -- whether Uncle Tom has done something bad or not, many people are still not willing to take chances. Some parents want to leave the daycare for numerous other reasons: the day care lady smokes, there's stains on the floor that have never been mopped-up, her son's thuggish friends hang around the building sometimes, some kids claim the lady yells at them a lot, etc.

          EITHER WAY, the parents have the right to keep their kids in, or take them out. Decisions have been made, and they will more than likely not change. As a result, the drama sticks around...

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    Let's not forget that the leaks were made by people from places like lulz and ED, which feed on furry drama.

    This whole thing just gave them an entire goddamned buffet!

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      Let them EAT, then.

      This was a situation that was left unresolved, and the actions of a few brought it back to light in a situation that involved everyone on the site.

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    Honestly the best journal I've read in all this. I'm in disbelief at the people who legit think you're a youknowwhat-apologist if you're staying on a freaking website.

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    Haha I think I love you. We pretty much got the same view on this thing.

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    Nice summary!

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    Thank you. My newest journal on FA said pretty much the same thing regarding demonizing people who wish to stay. If you so happen to post ANYTHING on a fender journal that doesn't agree with the social justice warriors that took over the place, such as "I'm staying here because I want too, and this drama is retarded", oh boy you never hear the end of it. They're practically bullying people to try to force them to come to weasyl. I use ALL the furry art sites, and I don't plan to leave any of them. :)

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    thank freaking god for the ability to favorite journals!

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    man if I was at a con with my significant other and zaush said a fucking word to them I'd smack his teeth in