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Shirt Woot's Double Take Derby starts Friday at noon. by DXS

Woooo,'s Double Take Derby starts at noon today! This is a special T-shirt design contest where Shirt.woot puts up all their hand picked non-winning shirt designs from the last 12 or so shirt contests and runs them in their own new contest. So favorites will return to battle it out! It's a fun time because not only do you get the top 3 voted designs printed but woot also then picks 4 editor choice designs from the derby. I don't always agree with what they pick but it's an adventure!

I have 2 shirts in the running this time so I will be posting the designs to Weasyl when the derby opens for voting. Recently the derby votes have been super low, so voting when the derby opens would be OMG so helpful to me. If you can help me out that'd be awesome! You have to buy something on any of the sites to vote in the derby but once you buy one item you can vote forever and ever and ever. I have a ton of shirts that you can still buy at woot in their catalog if anyone is interested.

But even sharing the links or talking about the designs help. I'm going to try to get back in the swing of designing more shirts for Woot and some of the other design sites. I love having a deadline otherwise I have a hard time getting myself motivated so the contests are a good thing for me. =D

Shirt Woot's Double Take Derby starts Friday at noon.


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    I like how as soon as I post this Woot goes down for updates. Comedy!