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... Where are all of you coming from. ;A; I reload my message center, and there's MORE. I go away for a few hours, and a couple more trickle in. Guh... I'm not used to this kind of thing, honestly. ♥ But thank you all so much for the watching/follows. I really appreciate it. I don't have enough time at the moment to really go to each and everyone's page to say thank you, thank you, thank you. ♥♥♥ And I know some people prefer if I don't.

But seriously. Thank you for the watches.

There's more art coming soon. I've just been getting distracted or forced to be away from the current images I am working on. lol So it's not making it come along fast at all.


So, at least a few of you know about my current Fursona. I haven't really drawn her in a while. For various reasons. (part of those being I enjoy drawing guys lulz) But she doesn't, even if I use the fact that she's flexible in gender/sex, (or rather that she can be drawn as male, female, intersex, etc), really completely encompass me as a whole. And in a way she's just idealism.

That being said, I've another fursona I will be designing, that will be outwardly male, though will possibly have the same fluidity... But will be an idealism as well. Just my personal, inner male idealism, instead of my personal inner female idealism.

And... I'm going to create another to just help me accept myself, and where I am in life, and all that stuff. So, with any luck, within this year that's one of the things I want to work on. I'll probably talk about them more at a later date, because I don't want to confuse anyone. xD


While I need to practice my human anatomy again, just for the sake of doing so, and do some practice on specific parts again... I also want to start practicing animals more. Other than pixielovely, however, I don't know of any good resources to find decent pictures of animals. I GUESS there's always Google Image Search... But does anyone know any other good sites for that sort of stuff?


I've got a couple of Weeblys. They both are under-construction again. 8| Eventually I will link them. And, at that time, I'll also be happy to affiliate. Be on the look out. ♥

W-watchers Everywhere + Fursona(s) + Other stuff


22 January 2014 at 23:33:49 MST

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    I do love the way you design your characters! ^^

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      Aww, well thank you. xD Fayde, my current Fursona, was supposed to be my OVER ALL one. But she's phased out of that again. 8|;
      So I'll just have three, and make it confusing! Hahaha

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        Anytime! Fayde is the one that your current avatar is right?

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          Yup, yup. C:

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            What kind of creature is Fayde? :3

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              Hybrid pretty much, here's a chibi http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7825221/
              Black (Snow) Leopard/Fennec Fox/Dragon/Phoenix

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                Oh awesome! I love hybrids! ^^

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                  Yusss. And me too. My male-centric sona will be a hybrid as well. ♥

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                    Can't wait to see him then! Even my fursona is a hybrid too! :3

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                      Hey! That's awesome! ♥ And, I can't wait to design him either.
                      But I must finish some other things first. Before I even jump on that idea/thought.

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                        You gotta let me know when you design your character. I want to watch ya do it! :3

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    I am glad that a lot of people decided to come over to Weasyl. It's a pretty awesome site. Looking forward to seeing your stuff too!

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      Me toooo. Especially with all the recent stuff that has been going on with DA and FA. I'm just about -gestures above head- up to here with some of it.
      But Weasyl feels like something nice, and an escape. ♥

      And it totally is an awesome site!

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    Good luck to you on your quest of fursona finding. :) I'm always envious of how well you portray your fursonas (and other characters), and not to sound like a copycat, but I too want to work on my fursona and how it can better represent me and the fact that I like to be androgynous with varying degrees of presenting myself as a male. I don't say this as a bad thing, but it must be great for others to stick to one design for years and years without anything needed to be changed or phased out. I know I'm constantly changing, and my string of anthro representations has reflected that.

    Anyway, sorry for the ramble. Can't wait to see more art from you. <3

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      Aww, thanks. C: Appreciate the wishes of luck. Because I think will certainly need them. lol ♥ But, also, thanks for the compliments! ;A; You're far too sweet, dear.

      You don't sound like a copycat at all. I totally understand what you are saying, and I see no particular issue having multiple sonas, not just to show different facets, but also to represent different bits of self, or emotion, or whatever. And sub-sonas are nice too. Though that's really just something I've come to understand and want to do via 'Nuka. C:

      And I agree. I'm always just a little inwardly jealous at those who can just keep the same 'sona at all times, no matter what, because they change, but not enough or so extremely that their 'sona needs to be completely redesigned or torn apart. Admittedly, I've only had two fursonas so far. And Fayde has been a pretty constant 'sona of mine since I was 11 (but she used to be...... human lol). But some of my other characters also represent big parts of me. yet aren't sonas. 8| I must get really confusing.

      You're welcome to ramble ALWAYS. C: I don't mind at all. ♥ I cannot wait to do more art.