Aaaaaand Done! by CashewLou

My gallery here on Weasyl is now 100% least, for now. I have copied all the artwork from my FA gallery, so it is fully mirrored over here. Thank you, everyone, for putting up with my flooding the place with images while I got caught up. Any new images I post will be posted to my accounts here, and on FA, InkBunny and Tumblr.

So all you FA-haters won't be missing a beat. C:

Aaaaaand Done!


22 January 2014 at 17:52:21 MST

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    It was nice to catch up on your work :)

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      Heh, thanks! My apologies for the flooding, but I just wanted to get it done.

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        No problem, it was nice to see it all in my inbox. You do great work!

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    Neat to see a lot of these - some stuff that I didn't recognize in the flood!

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    Wow that was quick. Use the Chrome extension or something else to migrate over?

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    There was a flood ? I didn't notice, granted I hardly look here that often, so I just thought I missed a few weeks of uploads....

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    Was awesome to see all those pictures again and hope you continue to spread out here :3