The Reason Why I Don't Have A Pay-Pal by Aiko-Red-Panda23

Because Like any lower class person... I DON"T HAVE MONEY! Yes.. I say that I'm getting plushies but really. That was lucky for me to even get that in the first place! Why? Because it was on payday that I sent the money order. Which brings me to why I made this journal. So start here, and warning; there MIGHT be cussing so if you don't want to read these rants, then click the Red X it the top left corner. This is not directed at anyone!!

Here we go:

The reason why I don't got a paypal, is because we are barley getting by as is. Me and my mother can afford more stuff now but not really. I would love to get a fursuit.. thats why I'm going to be getting a job at our local Gambino's Pizza Place. My mother gets, after taxes $293 dollars! And we have to pay half of the rent for February, my mother has been saving back money. The rent, for your information is $525, and we only have to pay $212.50. So cutting $100 out of her pay check really cuts us back. I asked mother if I could get one once we get more money but she said maybe.. meaning No, unless we get more money. Now once I start my job, I will get a paypal so I can have a safe place to store my money and buy things online.

Money orders is what I used to bet my three plushies that my not so much of a father paid for, for me. They where custom to.. so $85. I was lucky... I don't get things from my father.. my sister does but not me. In my own opinion, there should be a wide variety of ways to pay for things from individuals and not businesses. Like fursuits.. you may argue, they have a business.. I'm talking about Wal-Mart, Target, Hot Topic. If you want something offline there, you have to pay with a credit/debit/or a gift card from those stores. I love the wide varieties payments because it gives me the feeling that the people will work with me.

Now you're probably wondering if I do have more money that it seams. Me and my mother save, we get the food we need, the cheapest, and we get only the things we want, and after that. Sure we can have that coffee from Quick Trip, or that Soda, or that candy. But we do a lot of saving. I would have gotten me a prisma color set if I didn't get into the habit like my mother does. Saving helps us get by with getting soda's, coffee, or even a sandwich from SubWay.

There was three different time my mother had to ask her new boyfriend gas money. She cried all the times because she wants to prove she can make it on her own to her family and my not so much of a father. But back to the subject I'm talking about. Just because you don't like going through money orders or think they will get lost in the mail, ect. ect... doesn't mean you can't work with the customer!! But I'm way to far in.. I think I made my point. WORK WITH THE CUSTOMER IF THEY DON'T HAVE A PAYPAL!!! NOT ALL MONEY ORDERS WILL GET LOST IN THE FUCKING MAIL SYSYTEM!! Everyone of them that I sent out didn't!! They got there in a time of 3-5 days!

The Reason Why I Don't Have A Pay-Pal


22 January 2014 at 09:14:11 MST

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