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welcome!! by tinypuppyprince

I just wanted to say WELCOME and thank you (the few of you lol) who actually followed me here

I am really unhappy w/ FA and have been for years but this was literally the last straw, so I'm hoping I can slowly move over here entirely

I wish I could totally leave FA right now, but until my followers grow a bit here I can't risk the lack of income, but I will be crossposting until my follower count grows a bit here

anyways, im really glad so many people are leaving the complete shitstain that is Furaffinity and I hope we can all make good, new memories here!!!



22 January 2014 at 01:49:12 MST

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    I always follow my friends around. Woop~

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    You're not the only one worried about completely leaving, haha. C:
    I've personally been trying to not upload new art on FA, to try to encourage people to move.
    Seen a couple just trying offering more sales on Weasyl instead of FA to do the same, etc.

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    Welcome aboard!

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    It is really nice that so many people are making the move, its become a much more viable site for people to be successful on with this whole FA debacle. Good luck here though! I'll certainly throw you a few bucks for some doodles whenever I can :3