Joining a Furry Fandom Gaming Clan is always fun! by ReplicTuaniOne

Hi there fellow furs

We are recruiting for the [ 24G ] TuaniFur Gaming , A Furry Fandom Gaming Community!

A Furry Fandom Gaming Community

About the clan:

TuaniFur Gaming is a Furry Fandom Gaming Community started in August 2013 with the hope to unite all Furries to game with them. Starting off with PC games like the BattleField franchise, Space Engineers, The Elder Scrolls Online and CounterStrike Global Offensive, Also accept Xbox and Playstation players!

TuaniFur Gaming is a non profit clan without any gaming servers yet, and hopes that development over time will allow us to expand our offered experience and open up dedicated servers. To help do this donations taken and are very welcome, as any money received will go straight into making these services possible.

Fun and fluffyness is the main rule at 24G and we hope that every player can share the fun!

Some little rules for joining the clan:

  • Members must be above 17 years of age to be in the clan
  • You're a Furry or participate in Furry Fandom related activities online or locally
  • You have a working headset, mic and Teamspeak 3

Join the community: :)

TuaniFur Gaming - Beastly Gamers

Joining a Furry Fandom Gaming Clan is always fun!


21 January 2014 at 23:44:26 MST

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