Going to TFF? WANT A BADGE? [CLOSED] by Neoscottie

Want a badge for Texas Furry Fiesta? I'm taking three commission slots for 'em! I'll bring them to the con, ready to be worn. :D

Examples are here: https://www.weasyl.com/submissions?userid=5517&folderid=7586

$30 base price, +$5 if your character has wings. :3

I AM ALSO WILLING TO DO BADGE TRADES, so if you're interested in doing that let me know!

edit: I got all slots filled now, thanks! u



21 January 2014 at 15:42:36 MST

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    Hnnnng I love your badges if you'd be willing to do a trade with me!

    Here's some examples of my badges from MFF ♥:

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      Ohhh my gosh, yes! I loved the badges you had at MFF!

      What would you like?

      For my end, would you rather draw my durrsona (kudufox chimera thing) or a dragon?

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        Yayyyy :D
        I would love something with the theme of the con for Either Danji or Oro. They are the two characters in the second link. Danji is a "cat"erpillar and Oro is a barn owl. Danji would be a hero and Oro would be a villian.

        Or I can come up with something else if you aren't interested in either of those!

        HMMMM. Will these be con theme badges? Or just standard for what I draw?

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          HMMMM, I think I'd like to draw a villain Oro! Got any themes or ideas on where to go with that? :D

          And for myself, I'm ONLY interested in the con theme if it's Neo portrayed as a mad scientist. >_> Otherwise, whatever kind of badge you'd like to do is fine!

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            awesomeeeee. Mad scientist it is then xD Sounds really fun to draw. Would you mind emailing me your refs and such so I have it on record? :o

            And for Oro... Just overly domineering and commanding type. She wears a lot of tight latex but since it's a badge nothing too risqué. Just have fun with it so long as she looks like an overly confidant villain :3 If you need more than that I'll come up with some better, non vague thing. But I'm not picky!

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        I meant the first link sorry x-x

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    I would love to do a badge trade with you! I have a table in the Artist's Alley on Friday, so we could exchange them early on too.

    Here's an example or two of the types of badges I'm doing at the moment:

    I can also do digital though I don't have any recent examples of digital badges.