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The YCH Plan by kaputotter

Thank you all so much once more for following me on Weasyl! ~~

I have had high hopes for Weasyl ever since day one -- honestly. I have always envisioned it as a portfolio site for really showcasing artwork in high quality. So far Weasyl has surpassed my expectations. I love uploading HD artwork and Weasyl is a pleasure to browse.

I've decided to keep Weasyl something of a portfolio site, as a result. I may occasionally post advertisements for very big things (like new comic issues), but the bulk of my submissions will be fully-colored, finished works. Most other sketches and advertisements will be posted to FA and SoFurry. Hopefully between those two sites my followers will be able to grab any open slots for the things I advertise.

As for YCHs, I will begin cross-posting them not just to FA but also on SoFurry. I'll keep an eye on both sites and update the roster simultaneously. That way you have a choice of which site to browse and comment on for commission opportunities. And if you're a fan of Weasyl and spend most of your time here? Don't worry, I'll post journals here too, linking to the ads so you won't miss them!

Here's a complete list of all my galleries btw:

I may post the next YCHs tonight, so keep an eye out!

The YCH Plan


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    Upload your latest Drat pic then, if this place is for the high quality stuff ;) <3 <3

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      A capital idea, haha -- and thanks!