Welcome! Site Tips & Recommend Artist! by Cliffe

I'd just like to say "Hello!" to all my New Watchers! And "Hello again!" to all my old Watchers coming in from other sites. I appreciate you following my over here on Weasyl.

Since most of use are pretty new to this site, here's some Site Tips everyone can benefit from!

  • Weasyl has a helpful FAQ with some basic info already
  • BEFORE YOU FOLLOW EVERYONE! If you only want to watch Submissions from certain artists, but don't want to manually go back and uncheck Streams, Characters, etc. Visit your Site Preferences
  • If you want to edit your Settings for specific users, visit your Users You Follow page
  • There's a link to the sites Markdown Formatting
  • Make use of Streaming Alerts, it updates Current streams on the front page, and has an auto-off timer for your streaming status alert so you don't have to remember to remove it.
  • Be sure to check out the Forums at the top of the page. There's plenty of interesting topics, including a Sketchbook section.
  • You can post your commission prices to your page
  • Collections are a cool feature! You can help keep re-posted art to a minimum if you care about that. :>
  • There's a Characters upload option. Helpful for general Reference sheets, Role Playing, or just want to post all your characters you own just because.
  • You can also Favorite Journals points below Neat huh?

I'd also like to recommend FancyOwls journal with many more helpful links. They even have stuff that can make moving your entire gallery over here much easier.

Here are some of my friends who also have accounts here

And a few randomly selected artists from my Follow List, make sure you check the entire list out yourself!

Thanks guys!

Welcome! Site Tips & Recommend Artist!


20 January 2014 at 21:07:53 MST

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    Very handy tips! Thanks for sharing. :)

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    Thanks for this!
    Do you happen to know if you can only advertise streams related to art here...?
    I very rarely do art streams (I'm shy with my art, lol), but I do gaming streams often.

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      I don't see anything on gaming streams, sorry, I won't be much help. Perhaps asking around on the forums will get you an answer? I'd be interested in knowing what their policy on situations like are as well. :>