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So anyone else see the announcement on FA? I wish they wouldn't have waited so late. I literally think that they are trying to cover their butts because of waiting so long. They should have tried to fix this from day 1, but I can't complain too much. I have another cool site to play on. (Yay for Weasyl~)

Any thoughts?

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20 January 2014 at 20:44:41 MST

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    Frankly, the damage is done. If they didn't want this in the first place, they shouldn't have brought on someone so controversial. And either way, their handling of the situation was an appalling mess.

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    I totally agree with this. They should have done something right when this whole issue started. We are probably going to have to wait forever for another journal concerning this whole issue. But now that they "addressed" that there is actually a problem they cant just ignore it.

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    so many rape apologist in the comments
    but yeah the staff is just a joke

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    it was full of lawlz... i read zaush's journal here:

    full of decent facts. ppl just popped this way out of proportion. OMG HE'S A RAPIST! i'm pretty sure it was just a misunderstanding (he fell on her) and then it was all a big cluster mcfuck (or just unfz unfz unfz). take it either way. i'm away from fa because douchebag dragoneer and his band of cronies are a bunch of gigantic useless faggots.


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    I think kittens are awesome. Besides that I am trying really hard not to think at all. x.x

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    yeah I've heard about that

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    I never really was attached to FA all that much, I had left just before all this crazyness happend and rather glad I did with some of the pompous arrogant comments I read in that journal. The issue aside, I really don't care for the users I've come across on FA and I frankly won't miss them. I lurk FA for the art and thats all.