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FurTheMore Pokemon TCG Panel submitted! by Junia

Sooooo i just submitted my panel idea for furthemore, and i'm just waiting for a response now uwu
i also just pre-registered and i'm reserving my hotel room for the con now.
this is gonna be a good one, i can tell <3

also! if anyone enjoys/has some knowledge of the Pokemon trading card game i would really appreciate some co-hosts for my panel! just comment or note me if you're interested. It's not a tournament or a league or anything super serious, just a casual meetup for card trading and light battling. i don't know if the turnout will be anything great, but it can't hurt to have a few extra staffers on hand just in case it somehow gets busy haha

FurTheMore Pokemon TCG Panel submitted!


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    If I still had my pokemon cards, I'd so be in on this! xvx And so long as the rules haven't changed, I could probably fill you in on them.

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      you could always stop by even if you dont have any cards! i'm super nervous bc this is gonna be my first panel ever and all xD itd be cool to have friends nearby