Hello! Also, artist features by TheScatterbrain

I've had this account since they came by invite only, but I haven't used it in a long, long time. Now with the epic FurAffinity shit storm of 2014 going on I'm going to give Weasyl another shot.

It's great to see so much activity here! I hope it can stay that way, and that the Weasyl team can work out the kinks that are still present on the site.

Thanks for all the watches by the way! I think I've managed to dig out most of the people I watch elsewhere, phew.

If you're new here and missing some artists to follow, here are some I think are really great:

doodlepad 22mg coconutmilkyway spoonface flookz foureyedfinch kaji lingrimm lundi macks

mephisti paexie phylum prawst treasure_box_sky neogeen rowkey toulouse magnus weeks

If you're moving over from FA too, you can use this nifty little app to find the people you're watching who also have a Weasyl account: http://projects.weasyl.com/soft/

Anyway, why don't you show me some of your favourite Weasyl artists!

Hello! Also, artist features


20 January 2014 at 14:12:29 MST

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    Hyaaahhhyy! Thanks for mentioning me and sharing the others! Was missing a few for my watchlist :)
    Also welcome back to the Weez!

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      Of course! You're one of those people whose art I've been following since forever :B Oh and thank you~

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    Ahhh thanks for the share! Definitely missing a few of these folks. Also, it's probably easy to find a guide but what code did you use to display icons? C: