What should I do?! ( help ) by Chocoeva

So here's the deal...
I've never been to a fur con and Motor City Fur Con will be my first. I have the opertunity to get an Artist Alley table where I could do on the spot sketch commissions where I could offer like a discount of some sort to upgrade it to a digital piece.

But that's kinda the thing, that would be the only thing I'd be selling because idk what all you furs are into when looking through an AA. Im more familiar with anime convention AAs
Any suggestions? :U
I'd also maybe offer badges for pickup if anyone wanted them.

So should I get an AA table or just enjoy my first fur con? (I could always close my table for a while to enjoy the con too.)

What should I do?! ( help )


20 January 2014 at 08:06:46 MST

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    I say, go to yer first and see how things look and work before you buy yerslef a spot
    you know~ just so you have a feel for what to expect and whatnot

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      seems like a good plan ; w ; im not 100% sure if id have to pay since im drawing their banner and possibly their t-shirt design

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        go with what you feel is best :3
        fate does favor the bold like they say

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          i think experiencing it would be nice ^ ^ maybe i can arrange with the staff for a table next year so i can enjoy this year ^ ^

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            sounds like a good idea :3
            I wish you luck amiga ^ ^

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              thank you much ^ ^

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                de nada :3