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SO COOL by Rarakie

I'm loving Weasyl! Really excited for the change as it seems a lot of other artists are :)

Thanks everyone for the watchers and I look forward to uploading some more stuff soon!



20 January 2014 at 01:33:09 MST

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    I am too, I don't really like how complex Markdown was at first, but I am catching on. Otherwise so much nifty features. Trying to catch my gallery up. Dx

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      Oooh, can you please explain what Markdown is? It took me forever to figure out where to post a journal. Not complaining though, just different :0

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        It's mostly summarized right here, but think of it akin to BB Code and other shorthand used just to make formatting text and making links easier. It differs from FA's method, but it's pretty handy!

        Also, if you want instead, most of the time you can get away with just using standard HTML instead in order to get the effects that you want. I know I got lazy and did that at some points. X3

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          Thank you so much. I really appreciate it! Certainly something new to learn

      • Link this will help you with it. :o I can't explain it well but it's essentially their code for links/user profiles and other nifty things you can do in comments/journal/images and so on.

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          Eeee thank you ^___^ I'll start learning!

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    It does have a bunch of cool stuff I hadn't really noticed when I created my account.

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    We'll be waiting new art from you ^___-

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    I know, right?

    It seems like every day I find something new about this place. It's a bit daunting at first, but there's a lotta cool crap :3

    Oh- and a heads-up: rules are enforced here, so familiarize yourself with the differences between the 4 ratings- and they also take keywords seriously here. Which is something that took me by surprise, with how lackadaisical FA's been with it.

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      Oh sweet, thanks for the heads up. I'll have a proper read through tomorrow :D

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    I'm really really loving Weasyl too! I love that they have folders and actual CHARACTER submissions, and that you can favorite both characters and journals. :D It's far superior to FA. I hope more people switch over and continue to be active.

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      YES!!! I love those :D So glad to see you're here too -follow- ^___^. I really hope more people come over too. Still seems a ton can't be bothered unfortunately.

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        People ultimately hate change and will often fight the chance as they usually just feel more comfortable being in familiar territory. Which is understandable. Though, what isn't is people seem to think that you have to be rooted to one spot, which is simply not the case.

        Any wise artist or business will know to use several avenues to utilize and market their works if they truly wish to maximize their presence and thus have more opportunity to do business. If people really wish to limit themselves to one medium, they are hurting, or at stunting their growth and options for said business. This is especially true now that we have more than just FA and some watchers or potential clients are simply not going to be everywhere themselves.

        I realize I tend to seem like I preach the choir when I mention these things, but it's more of an affirmation and reflection to these ideas.

        Welcome to Weasyl, Rara. We'll be watching you here, too!

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    I love alot about this web site, makes me wonder why I didn't move sooner, maybe I could get some popular gaming streams going on now with the stream announcements.

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    i like it too. seems much more modern and clean compared to FA.

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    I just signed up here... it looks pretty nice!

    Certain other forums haven't changed their design in 10 years and just look very crude and amateur now! Not to mention lack of useful features.