Commission rates update by Adalore

I updated the rates and now they exist on my page.

The Commission rates there really needs to be a comment space to put examples.

Commission rates update


20 January 2014 at 00:01:13 MST

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    So are those rates still current?

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      I think so, unfortunately my more, for sure, current listing of prices is down on FA atm. I can attempt to give a quote if you have all the info over notes.

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        Well I don't have any plans at the moment, I'm just curious.

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    What would one of those Vulcan Automata pictures fall under?

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      they are on a slightly more extreme price range because of the effort of design and making the lighting awesome. I have been selling them at 35 to 45$ but with the updated style it is probably leaning more towards 40-50$

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    How does one commission you? Just toss a note here or on FA?

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      Right now you throw a message to my Email : Adalore At Gmail. With the words "Commission" and your username in the title so ease of finding it. Alongside references and what you are thinking about commissioning so that I can provide an accurate quote.