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Sanctum Polis is a 32-bit Role Playing Game where the main character Caxton travels inside dreams with the supernatural aid of his deceased roommate in an effort to discover who’s responsible for the serial murders taking place at Solaris Notre University. The University consists of two refurbished medieval castles. The castle higher up on the cliffs belongs to the female school and the one closer to the valley near a large lake is the male school. The only civilization for miles is a small village that provides the school with all the food and supplies they require to be sustained. The school is a religious institution following the path of Solaris the Sun Goddess.

The game boasts an entirely anthropomorphic cast. The school is primarily used to train clergy, but due to their beliefs tuition is free to all those deemed underprivileged, juvenile delinquents, and those who stray from the path of Solaris in an effort to make them proper Solarites; this brings in a lot of eclectic students from many different places. Caxton was brought to Solaris Notre in an effort to correct his sinful ways but Caxton will have nothing to do with it.

He joins an underground order of students trying to survive their time at the University. Members of the order who swore never to take their clergy vows, took them anyway when graduation day came around. Afraid that they were brainwashed, the order decided to plan an escape into the woods lest they face a similar fate. However, the day before their plan was intended to be executed the leaders of the group disappeared. The bishops in charge of the school "claimed" they run away into the woods.

Many members in the order, feeling betrayed, abandoned the group. Caxton disbelieving the bishop’s words that his friends would leave without him decided to go into the woods and see if he could find them. All he found was their corpses. In shock, Caxton fled back to his dorm where he was visited by a ghost (his roommate who was one of the boys in charge of the order who Caxton had found dead in the woods). He doesn’t recall how he died but he insists that Caxton help him find the murderer. It’s now up to Caxton to solve the mystery, protect his fellow students, and escape the school with his life.

Game Mechanics

During the day you’ll go to class and learn about the lore of the world as well as respond to problems solvable in the real world. If you skip classes and get caught you'll be forced to do a mini game (clean the bathroom, organize books, etc) and your grades will go down. If you don't get caught you can skip a few classes before attendance becomes an issue and you'll automatically get caught. Grades can give you buffs or de-buffs in the dream worlds where the action takes place. Dreams play like a traditional RPG dungeon where you fight monsters, use magic, level up, and collect items. After your classes or on weekends you may interact with the students and choose several options that will determine if they like you or not. The more you interact with certain students the more side quests you’ll activate and this will ultimately create alternate endings based on your choices. At night you can search for clues, but be careful not to get caught by the Lunus Monks (a ruthless orthodox group) or else they’ll flog you to death. The nights are also the time when you can sneak into the different bishop’s rooms and enter their dreams to see what their true intentions are.

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