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Crazy month of the new year. by Nordana

I'm still alive which is good. January is always crazy with new plans and resolutions and new problems popping up like an uninvited guest. I've set goals to work on my weight, strengthen my shoulders, finish art/projects, get my driver's licence, and more. I still owe art to a friend that I need to finish.

Currently my schedule is up in the air for the most part until the dust settles. Sometime this spring I may be opening small art commissions for the first time. Character/creature auctions is also a possibility. If all works well I'll be very active for the year with hopefully some relaxation time before 2015 comes smacking me in the face like a face hugger.

In other news my mom may be getting surgery on her right wrist to remove a couple bones to help her arthritis in the coming weeks. As it stands right now she has absolutely no cartilage in it thanks to an injury from a while back. The doc's plan is that the resulting scar tissue will help cushion as a pseudo cartilage. Please wish her luck as she is pretty nervous about the whole thing and if it will work at all.

Crazy month of the new year.


19 January 2014 at 21:39:12 MST

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