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Opening for Mini-Portraits! by arphalia

Opening for more mini-portraits!

Please read this journal completely before commenting!!! :D

In the past I've taken slots without really reviewing the refs of the characters and I thought it was time I started doing things different. I had a new method with that with the last bunch of mini-portraits and it really worked out well, so I'm going to do things in the same way again. First, let me get the description, examples and prices of these mini-portraits out of the way!

What is a mini-portrait? I think of them as an alternative to badges but not as involved (or expensive) as a full illustration. They are done on cold press watercolor paper at a size of 3.5 x 5 inches. (Think postcard size!) They will be done with a mix of India ink and/or watercolor. Simple, portrait-like poses and all that.

Here is a folder FULL of examples!

Starting price is $45. (Paypal only.) Once finished, they will be mailed to you. If mailing outside of the US, additional shipping may be needed.

What does the starting price mean? Starting price is for more simply designed characters for people who allow me the freedom to come up with poses and color schemes completely on my own. This is how I prefer to work, but I'm not unwilling to follow tighter guidelines for those who are really looking for something specific. If you are interested, but unsure where your character would fall insofar as price, please feel free to ask!! That is part of what this journal is for. :)

So, how do I get in on this? Comment below and link me to the character you are looking to have me work with and tell me a little bit about what you'd like to see. Such as mood, theme, whatever! (No worries, giving me a basic mood and feel will not be what ups the cost!) I'll be reviewing these as they come in and picking out what I feel I can work on. If I don't pick yours straight away, no worries! Sometimes my mood changes for what kinds of things I want to do so there's a good chance I'll come back later and poke ya to see if you're still interested.

To note: This isn't any kind of -official- wait list or anything. Commissions only start officially after payment is received and I plan to spread these out and only take payment when I'm ready and able to do the work. I will be doing these between larger, more involved projects/comms so I can keep a more steady income happening without having either type of comm get in the way of one another and help me prevent feeling burnt out on any one type. :)

ALSO! No need to ask me if I'm still taking these or not as time goes on. If this journal is up and doesn't have an edit where I say that I'm no longer taking these, go ahead and assume that I am, and follow the instructions above. This journal may be around with me actively going through the list for a few months. Aaaaand one more thing. If you've already commented on this journal over on FA, you do not have to comment again over here. You can if you want, but I'll be going back and forth from each site.

Opening for Mini-Portraits!


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